10 Important and fabulous tricks for mental health

10 Important and fabulous tricks for mental health

Sometimes we believe that health is only about the body and nothing can be further from the truth because your mind is something like a power center, if you feel good emotionally, that means that your body also does it. Therefore, in this delivery, we will give you 10 important and fabulous ticks for better mental health, which you must put into practice to maintain your stability.

Let’s find out what these tips are for improving mental health:

  • Happiness depends on yourself
  • Do not be the victim
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Wake up
  • Do not put stones on the road
  • Do what is within your reach
  • Surround yourself with people according to you
  • Break with monotony
  • Seek help
  • Take a moment for yourself

1. Happiness depends on yourself:

Happiness sometimes seems like a place, other times it becomes material things and sometimes it means people. However, happiness has been difficult to classify for years. It is not always what makes you happy, it makes others happy. However, what is clear is that it is a complex concept and must be worked on individually.

A single thing or objective makes you happy ephemerally, but several lead you to optimal mental health. Being consonant with most things you are and do in your life is the main thing because contentment depends only on each one. It is best not to feel needs or anxieties, little by little look for those things that make you happy and we assure you that together they will create great potential for you.

2. Do not be the victim:

It may sound harsh but in reality, you are in the place that you are by your decision. If you are involved in a stormy relationship, it is you who decides to stay there, if you are frustrated by your job you are the one who should look for better opportunities. Do not be the victim. Evaluate the situation and make decisions, assumptions without guilt.

3. Improve your self-esteem:

Manichaean society often puts labels and ends on everything. You are good or bad; you are poor or rich, intelligent or ignorant, etc. And the boundaries are abysmal. Maybe you have low self-esteem for believing that you are the antonym for words like intelligence or beauty and you are wrong, everything not can be so bad.

Surely, you have qualities that stand out in several aspects, like others in which you are not the best. However, you will not blame yourself for that and do not pretend to be perfect. Being perfect is too boring.

4. Wake up:

Some people will set goals too high in a short time. It is true that we must think big, but you cannot learn the seven languages you want in three months. You need patience, slow down; well say the mothers that there is nothing but fatigue. In the end, you will be frustrated by not fulfilling all your goals. So, be honest with yourself and what you can do.

Wake up
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5. Do not put stones on the road:

Surely you have discovered speaking alone without intending or thinking about something unconscious while performing an action or hold a conversation with someone and is that you have a self, we all have it, and sometimes that character makes you play tricks.

When you are about to start a diet or something simpler as a game with your peers, you say to yourself, “I will not be able to do it.” Bad mistake, change the mentality. You can do it, you always can. Stay motivated in the face of all challenges.

6. Do what is within your reach:

You can usually stress yourself over things you cannot even control. An example of this happens while listening to the news and you become irritated by some situations. However, keep in mind that you cannot fix the world, the capacity for indignation is not consistent with your action, we do not ask you to stay still, but relax, and there are things that are not in your hands. If you want to save your relationship, for example, do not try to turn it into another person.

7.  Surround yourself with people according to you:

It is vital to be in the right place, with the right people. You do not want to feel uncomfortable with someone who is going to a place other than yours or who does not understand your ways. You need to feel comfortable and not to spend bad times unnecessarily.

8. Break with monotony:

If you have not yet bored doing the same thing every day, keep in mind that it will happen. Life is an experience that you waste not taking risks or turning it into a daily process in which there is no space but for schedules. Try to do fun things, break the routine of the week with something simple that makes you happy.

9. Seek help:

You always need to vent. You cannot walk through life guarding your feelings, emotions or concerns. You must seek help before you feel that you cannot do more. While you are talking to someone, you listen to yourself and it is you who find the light of what once seemed a tunnel.

10. Take a moment for yourself:

Give yourself a moment. Sometimes we surround ourselves with many people, traffic, and the office, even at home. It is best to take a break to walk, read, write; there are thousands of things you can do with yourself.

We hope that these 10 tips to improve mental health will help you feel good about yourself: if your mind is good, your body as well. Good luck with your new life.



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