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How much meat to eat per week? The nutritionist replies

How much meat to eat per week and above all, is it true that eating meat hurts?

There are different and conflicting opinions, especially on the quantity that should be consumed to benefit from the properties of the meat.

To clarify this food, we asked nutritionist doctor, to give you indications on the consumption of meat on a diet and in general, in a healthy diet.

Nutritional properties of meat

The meat is a source of high biological value protein top quality and not comparable to the vegetable-based proteins.

In fact, meat contains amino acids necessary and usable by the body to satisfy metabolic processes. The meat is also rich in minerals and vitamins.

Those of group B abound, in particular B12, indispensable for the formation of red blood cells and for the functioning of the nervous system.

We cannot forget the excellent concentration of mineral salts:  among the most precious for the body, we find iron, selenium and zinc.

  • The iron contained in meat is qualitatively superior and more absorbable by the body than that present in vegetables.
  • The Selenium is a natural antioxidant that counteracts the action of free radicals. It performs an action to support thyroid function.
  • The Zinc is an important mineral for the proper functioning of hormones and insulin. Helps maintain vision and sense of smell.

The importance of meat in the various stages of life

The nutrients provided by meat are very important especially in some stages of life. The high protein content stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, making this food essential and primary in the nutrition of children and adolescents.

Mineral salts in high concentration, on the other hand, are precious for the elderly, for pregnant women and for those suffering from anemia.

How much meat to eat per week?

You should know that meat, especially red meat, although boasting excellent nutritional properties, also has a high content of cholesterol and triglycerides. Therefore, an excessive consumption of red meat can induce serious cardiovascular and circulatory diseases.

According to available scientific data, the consumption of red meat can be considered prudent and useful at most twice a week.

In general, the meat can be consumed up to 3-4 times a week , favoring the white one because it is leaner and because, unlike the red one, there is no scientific evidence that shows risks in case of excessive intake.

The protein and iron intake did not differ significantly between the two types of meat.

In general, it is a good habit to follow a varied diet, which provides for the alternation of meat with other protein sources such as fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetable proteins, as required which is based on the Mediterranean diet.

Now that you know how much meat to eat per week, you can manage your weekly menu in peace and you can try our meat recipes, some of which are light reinterpretations of traditional recipes.

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