8 tips for eating to maintain a healthy and balanced life

8 tips for eating to maintain a healthy and balanced life

We will begin by knowing that food needs are very different throughout life and according to the state of health, but it is easy to give some advice to guide a healthy and balanced life, containing enough nutrients to cover all the needs of each of us in every moment. We give you 7 tips for eating to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

To begin with, it is essential to distinguish between food and nutrient. Foods are all those substances that we can easily find in nature and that provide us with the necessary nutrients that our body needs. On the contrary, nutrients are those substances that are found in food and that intervene directly in the metabolic reactions of the body.

8 tips for eating:

  • Varying food
  • Make 5 meals a day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Restrict salt
  • Avoid caloric foods
  • Eat slowly
  • Elaboration of the diet
  • Exercise

1. Varying food:

Knowing that all foods play an important role in our diet: this is why it is necessary to vary food as much as possible; including all basic food groups and within each of them consuming them varying them as many times as possible a week.

2. Make 5 meals a day:

It is convenient not to skip any food, spread over 5 (breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner); and as far as possible maintain the schedules of these.

3. Drink plenty of water:

Between 1 and 2 liters daily (except medical contraindication). Remembering that water is the only drink that quenches our thirst, and that a high percentage of our body is composed of this substance that must be replenished daily. Soda or sodas besides not reducing our thirst sensation are very sugary and have many calories, so they should be avoided. In addition water, along with cereals, vegetables, fruits, and vegetables help regulate the intestinal transit avoiding constipation.

4. Restrict salt:

Do not abuse salt or salty products. Usually, we use it in the preparation and cooking of the food and once already served on the plate in more quantity than the recommended (approximately no more than 5 grams a day). To avoid excessive consumption of salt we can replace it with herbs, garlic, vinegar or spices.

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5. Avoid caloric foods:

Although difficult to eliminate from the diet, we should restrict to the maximum industrial bakery, preserves, pre-cooked foods that contain high sugar content and calories.

6. Eat slowly:

When eating, you should eat slowly, chewing all food well, in a relaxed, quiet environment and avoiding distractions such as television, radio. Also, you have to do it in an orderly way: start with the first course, then the second and finally the dessert.

7. Elaboration of the diet:

The preparation of food is a necessity that can become something fun and enjoyable, so it is advisable and facilitates consistency in the diet or menu elaboration by the person himself or jointly with the family. In this way, it is easier to get a healthy and varied diet, always attending to the tastes of each one.

8. Exercise:

It is advisable to maintain a daily physical activity, always attending to the personal circumstances of each one. We will choose the first hours of the day or the last ones, protecting us in summer from the hours of extreme heat at the end of any exercise, to replace the liquids lost through sweating.

Healthy eating is essential to ensure the normal functioning of our cognitive, physical and fitness skills. Incorporating healthy habits into our lives will make us feel better, and help improve our health day by day.



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