7 natural remedies to lighten digestion

7 natural remedies to lighten digestion

When the process of digestion slows down, an uncomfortable feeling of heaviness  appears. To give a respite to the digestive system, take note of these natural remedies to lighten digestion.

Eat slowly: Chew foods well and avoid abusing some of them (fats or white sugar, for example, are the most indigestible foods) are some basic tips to improve digestion. When the digestive process slows down, poor absorption of nutrients can also occur. What to do? In the own pantry, we have the solution, natural remedies and homemade to digestive systemthe digestion.

Green tea: There are many benefits of green tea daily. At the beginning, it is a good substitute for coffee, which can cause heartburn and irritation of the digestive system. Therefore, it is important to moderate your consumption or go straight to green tea, an antioxidant drink that facilitates digestion and promotes the flow of gastric juices. Tea also reduces gas and inflammatory processes. Take an infusion of the meals and you will see the results

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Mint infusion: A digestive tonic, effective to relieve the feeling of embarrassment, it favors the production of bile in the liver and helps the pancreas to segregate the enzymes that intervene in the digestion.

Dill infusion: From digestive action, taking an herbal tea from this plant has beneficial effects. Combats gas and flatulence and reduces intestinal cramps.

Angelica infusion: A digestive balm that favors gastric juices and reduces gas, relieving the feeling of swelling.

Apple cider vinegar: By its content in acetic acid, it is good to maintain acidity levels of the stomach. You can add a tablespoon of vinegar to a glass of water before meals to lighten the digestion and liver, if it is your case, gastric reflux.

Yogurt or kefir: These are two probiotic foods that regulate the intestine, promote transit and reduce swelling and gas in case of slow digestion. Yogurt is rich in active Bifidus, bacteria that help the bowel to function properly. Yogurt facilitates the absorption of nutrients, and kefir mitigates the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Cumin: To help the digestive processes, avoid constipation and gas, try adding cumin to your recipes. Another beneficial effect is that it helps to reduce abdominal swelling. It can be combined with green anise, fennel or cilantro.

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