10 tips to generate the best sensations in a spa

10 tips to generate the best sensations in a spa

The balance in the environment when decorating a spa is the biggest challenge you have to generate that atmosphere of peace, tranquility, and well-being desired by the clients. Today, we will give you 10 tips to generate the best sensations in a spa.

A Spa should create sensations of harmony, peace, relaxation, and balance, as well as exclusivity, sobriety, and luxury, all this is achieved through design and decoration.

  1. It is vital to consider the senses in a spa, place that by simple relation evokes environments of pleasant sensations; here the lighting, the light plays, the forms, the smells, the textures, the colors and the sounds activate the five senses of the human being.
  2. The ideal space for a spa, certainly are the natural places, in the countryside, the sea or gardens. If access to this type of location is not possible, the fact of generating oriental gardens, linear or that are adapted to its design, immediately causes a sense of tranquility and peace.
  3. Space must communicate tranquility and quiet, so that all the elements that are conjugated in it must transmit harmony, from colors, furniture, textiles, and accessories.
  4. The environment must be calm to promote relaxation and serenity, through music, light and the use of neutral colors; you achieve the feeling of isolation and total quiet in the space that requires it.
  5. The use of color allows creating environments that positively influence the mood of the people; the green color in a clear hue is a great choice as it communicates balance, blue is recommended for spaces where water is used, as it transmits relaxation, if you want to convey is joy yellow or orange can be used at the reception or the costumes, these colors should be in accordance with the identity of the brand.
  6. Furniture should be the ideal complement to all the decoration and spa design, the wood in the furniture is ideal because it generates a connection with the natural in addition to providing warmth; the comfort, softness, delicacy, and design in them are vital to reaching the point of relaxation that the client wishes.

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  7. In should use elements that evoke the natural: flowers, wood, glass, stone or sand, as these elements transmit vitality, connection with nature and peace.
  8. Light is one of the most influential players for the customer to reach a state of deep relaxation, for this reason, the use of adjustable lighting or candlelight is recommended.
  9. Smells undoubtedly create a very pleasant atmosphere and great relaxation; the aromas arouse the emotions, activate the memory through the sense of smell and allow “clean” the spirit. Through the use of aromatic candles, pebbles or diffusers you can generate these wonderful sensations.
  10. Reception should be the reflection of what the client will find internally in the spa and have an ideal space to wait if necessary.

All these aspects are relevant to unify the appearance, feelings, and sensations of how wonderful the experience in a Spa should be, accompanied obviously by the excellent attention.


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