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How I Transformed My Body In 12 Weeks

We live in a world of the quick fix. Patience is no longer a virtue, it’s a distraction. We want to attain goals, but minimise the time and effort of doing so. Whether this is positive for society isn’t for discussion here. Instead, we’re looking at change, and moreover how to transform your body in a short period of time. So after you’ve read this article you might want to Google “gyms near me” and start putting that plan into action. Read on for more, but do so quickly!


I’m afraid there’s no easy solution to the problem. You can either learn to accept yourself as you are over 12 weeks, or put in some effort and try and change within that 12-week period. That’s the first choice.


Even before the gyms near me search is undertaken, you can learn to exercise using your own bodyweight. It’s free and can be highly effective.

Using the resistance of your bodyweight, start with sets of exercises for 30 seconds on, 30 off, 3 different exercises, 3 sets each. Do this for the first 6 days. Start with simple squats, press-ups, and walking lunges. Once you’ve got to grips with the basics you can add more weight to the equation, for example, holding a medicine ball on the squats and lunges.

Transformed Body In 12 Weeks


Need a new workout – what’s wrong with the old? Pull-ups, squats, and lunges may seem old-fashioned, but they’ve stuck around because they work. Again, the basic essence is your own bodyweight being the resistance. Master these moves and then add to your other exercise – be it a spin class, martial arts, or team sports.

Dead First

One of the most effective exercises is the deadlift. Be careful to do it right or you’ll get hurt, and nobody trains well hurt. It works legs, core, and back, major muscle groups, all at once.


Will pounding away, chained to the treadmill for hours will help? It may be better than sitting and eating on the couch, but there are better exercises. Cardio has a place of course, but think High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) rather than the long slog. It gets your heart and body pounding for better results.


You may train 1 hour/day, but you live 24. Watching what you eat during this time will affect your body transformation much more than the weights you lift. Ensure that you get lean sources of protein, veg’ for your minerals, and the good types of fat. Limit sugar, alcohol and all that is bad!


12-week plans can show results, but they’ll be lost as quickly too unless you change your lifestyle. Diet + exercise = lifestyle, so adopt a healthy one. Stop beating yourself up for slip-ups, but document your journey with selfies and changes in body shape through new clothes. Ditch the scales, muscular people weigh a lot!

12 weeks is no real commitment. However, it’s useful as a starting point for bringing change about. If that’s what you want, then it’s time to act.

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