8 tips for eating to maintain a healthy and balanced life

8 tips for eating to maintain a healthy and balanced life

We will begin by knowing that food needs are very different throughout life and according to the state of health, but it is easy to give some advice to guide a healthy and balanced life, containing enough nutrients to cover all the needs of each of us in every moment. We give you 7 tips for eating to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

To begin with, it is essential to distinguish between food and nutrient. Foods are all those substances that we can easily find in nature and that provide us with the necessary nutrients that our body needs. On the contrary, nutrients are those substances that are found in food and that intervene directly in the metabolic reactions of the body.

8 tips for eating:

  • Varying food
  • Make 5 meals a day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Restrict salt
  • Avoid caloric foods
  • Eat slowly
  • Elaboration of the diet
  • Exercise

1. Varying food:

Knowing that all foods play an important role in our diet: this is why it is necessary to vary food as much as possible; including all basic food groups and within each of them consuming them varying them as many times as possible a week.

2. Make 5 meals a day:

It is convenient not to skip any food, spread over 5 (breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner); and as far as possible maintain the schedules of these.

3. Drink plenty of water:

Between 1 and 2 liters daily (except medical contraindication). Remembering that water is the only drink that quenches our thirst, and that a high percentage of our body is composed of this substance that must be replenished daily. Soda or sodas besides not reducing our thirst sensation are very sugary and have many calories, so they should be avoided. In addition water, along with cereals, vegetables, fruits, and vegetables help regulate the intestinal transit avoiding constipation.

4. Restrict salt:

Do not abuse salt or salty products. Usually, we use it in the preparation and cooking of the food and once already served on the plate in more quantity than the recommended (approximately no more than 5 grams a day). To avoid excessive consumption of salt we can replace it with herbs, garlic, vinegar or spices.

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5. Avoid caloric foods:

Although difficult to eliminate from the diet, we should restrict to the maximum industrial bakery, preserves, pre-cooked foods that contain high sugar content and calories.

6. Eat slowly:

When eating, you should eat slowly, chewing all food well, in a relaxed, quiet environment and avoiding distractions such as television, radio. Also, you have to do it in an orderly way: start with the first course, then the second and finally the dessert.

7. Elaboration of the diet:

The preparation of food is a necessity that can become something fun and enjoyable, so it is advisable and facilitates consistency in the diet or menu elaboration by the person himself or jointly with the family. In this way, it is easier to get a healthy and varied diet, always attending to the tastes of each one.

8. Exercise:

It is advisable to maintain a daily physical activity, always attending to the personal circumstances of each one. We will choose the first hours of the day or the last ones, protecting us in summer from the hours of extreme heat at the end of any exercise, to replace the liquids lost through sweating.

Healthy eating is essential to ensure the normal functioning of our cognitive, physical and fitness skills. Incorporating healthy habits into our lives will make us feel better, and help improve our health day by day.


10 Important and Simple Exercise to Live a Healthy Life

10 Important and Simple Exercise to Live a Healthy Life

Regular physical exercise is one of the most important things we can do to conserve or improve our health. It helps us control weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, avoid type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer, strengthens our bones and muscles, improves our emotions and gives us well-being. In this article, we have 10 important and simple exercises to live a healthy life.

Exercise increases our life expectancy. But how do I increase my physical activity if I do not consider myself an active person?

Here are many recommendations for you to start a physical activity that will help you achieve the body you deserve.

They are given below:

  1. Walking
  2. You can exercise at home
  3. In the street
  4. In the office
  5. Sport
  6. The dance
  7. Holidays
  8. Motivation
  9. Start small
  10. Proper footwear and clothing

1. Walking

Walking is the easiest way to start improving our activity, it does not cost money, and it is safe and easy. Walking works; for each hour of walking, we extend our life for two hours. Walking for 30 minutes gives us heart health benefits, and is the most effective way to exercise it. If we can find a beautiful place to walk in the presence of vegetation we will not only be exercising our body but we will be connecting with nature and generating emotional well-being. We can walk for 3 periods of 10 minutes, distributed throughout the day, walk the dog or on a hike after lunch or dinner. An excellent investment is to buy a pedometer, a device that measures every step we take. We must give 10,000 steps a day to be healthy

and in general, we walk only 1,000. A pedometer is an excellent way to measure our physical activity and achieve measurable and tangible goals.

2. You can exercise at home:

The children will see your example and will be forming a good habit. You can combine your daily activities with physical activity. At home, you can do cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, gardening. When talking on the phone you can do it standing up, and if you have exercise devices like fixed bikes you can exercise while watching TV.

3. In the street:

You can go to nearby stores and places by walking or using the bicycle instead of the car. If you go by car, parking it away from the entrance is a good way to increase physical activity. We can walk one or two extra laps at the supermarket or other stores. If you go by public transport, you can make the stop a few blocks before getting off to walk more.

4. In the office:

If our work is in an office it may be that our physical activity is very low. We can conduct discussion walks on work issues; we can go personally with people from other areas instead of calling them on the phone, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Many companies have sports equipment; if they are available these options are available.

5. Sport:

Performing physical activity with the extra to recreate is excellent. Sports bring us extra benefits because they make us concentrate on the game and the fun as well as activate us. They also train us at an emotional level because many sports involve working as a team, practicing goals and goals, concentration and skill in situations of gain and loss. Belonging to a team increases our sense of belonging, makes us socialize and find people who drive us to continue with their example, accompaniment and motivation.

The dance
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6. The dance:

Dance is a very pleasant way to exercise because it is expressive and involves music. Music brings us to the movement and to enjoy our physical activity session much more. We can dance at home while doing cleaning work or you can go dancing to groups of tango, danzon, salsa, Zumba, ballet, hip-hop and other types of dance.

7. Holidays:

You can plan vacations or weekend trips that include physical activity such as visits to lakes to paddle, climb hills, walk-in relatively close villages, walk in the historic center, go cycling, and go swimming.

8. Motivation:

To exercise we must do it in a way that we like, that we enjoy it, not that it is torture for us. For that, we must also adjust it to our fitness level. If we have a family member or friend who wants to exercise with us we will feel more driven. We can also motivate ourselves by buying a good pair of sneakers or some pants that motivate us to exercise, although it is not necessary at all. Music always generates movement because it is full of rhythm and marks the time for an activity in a very dynamic way.

9. Start small:

We should start by asking ourselves: Do I enjoy exercising alone or with a group? Is it more motivating to have a coach? Can I pay for classes or for the moment should I choose activities that do not involve expenses? Do I prefer outdoor activities? Is there any nearby place that is safe and with green areas to exercise? What days and at what time could I commit to scheduling my physical activity?

Since you have decided the place, type and amount of exercise, you should start with short sessions of 10 or 15 minutes and gradually increase the activity until you improve your physical condition.

10. Proper footwear and clothing:

Warm up with gentle and repetitive movements and always stretch to improve your flexibility, including movements that make you sweat (cardiovascular or aerobic) and also some strength like squats, abs, and lizards, lifting of legs and arms, even using light weights or leagues to strengthen muscles. This way your exercise will be complete and you will see good results in less than 4 weeks, which will keep you more adherent and motivated to the exercise program that should be for life.

10 Important and fabulous tricks for mental health

10 Important and fabulous tricks for mental health

Sometimes we believe that health is only about the body and nothing can be further from the truth because your mind is something like a power center, if you feel good emotionally, that means that your body also does it. Therefore, in this delivery, we will give you 10 important and fabulous ticks for better mental health, which you must put into practice to maintain your stability.

Let’s find out what these tips are for improving mental health:

  • Happiness depends on yourself
  • Do not be the victim
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Wake up
  • Do not put stones on the road
  • Do what is within your reach
  • Surround yourself with people according to you
  • Break with monotony
  • Seek help
  • Take a moment for yourself

1. Happiness depends on yourself:

Happiness sometimes seems like a place, other times it becomes material things and sometimes it means people. However, happiness has been difficult to classify for years. It is not always what makes you happy, it makes others happy. However, what is clear is that it is a complex concept and must be worked on individually.

A single thing or objective makes you happy ephemerally, but several lead you to optimal mental health. Being consonant with most things you are and do in your life is the main thing because contentment depends only on each one. It is best not to feel needs or anxieties, little by little look for those things that make you happy and we assure you that together they will create great potential for you.

2. Do not be the victim:

It may sound harsh but in reality, you are in the place that you are by your decision. If you are involved in a stormy relationship, it is you who decides to stay there, if you are frustrated by your job you are the one who should look for better opportunities. Do not be the victim. Evaluate the situation and make decisions, assumptions without guilt.

3. Improve your self-esteem:

Manichaean society often puts labels and ends on everything. You are good or bad; you are poor or rich, intelligent or ignorant, etc. And the boundaries are abysmal. Maybe you have low self-esteem for believing that you are the antonym for words like intelligence or beauty and you are wrong, everything not can be so bad.

Surely, you have qualities that stand out in several aspects, like others in which you are not the best. However, you will not blame yourself for that and do not pretend to be perfect. Being perfect is too boring.

4. Wake up:

Some people will set goals too high in a short time. It is true that we must think big, but you cannot learn the seven languages you want in three months. You need patience, slow down; well say the mothers that there is nothing but fatigue. In the end, you will be frustrated by not fulfilling all your goals. So, be honest with yourself and what you can do.

Wake up
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5. Do not put stones on the road:

Surely you have discovered speaking alone without intending or thinking about something unconscious while performing an action or hold a conversation with someone and is that you have a self, we all have it, and sometimes that character makes you play tricks.

When you are about to start a diet or something simpler as a game with your peers, you say to yourself, “I will not be able to do it.” Bad mistake, change the mentality. You can do it, you always can. Stay motivated in the face of all challenges.

6. Do what is within your reach:

You can usually stress yourself over things you cannot even control. An example of this happens while listening to the news and you become irritated by some situations. However, keep in mind that you cannot fix the world, the capacity for indignation is not consistent with your action, we do not ask you to stay still, but relax, and there are things that are not in your hands. If you want to save your relationship, for example, do not try to turn it into another person.

7.  Surround yourself with people according to you:

It is vital to be in the right place, with the right people. You do not want to feel uncomfortable with someone who is going to a place other than yours or who does not understand your ways. You need to feel comfortable and not to spend bad times unnecessarily.

8. Break with monotony:

If you have not yet bored doing the same thing every day, keep in mind that it will happen. Life is an experience that you waste not taking risks or turning it into a daily process in which there is no space but for schedules. Try to do fun things, break the routine of the week with something simple that makes you happy.

9. Seek help:

You always need to vent. You cannot walk through life guarding your feelings, emotions or concerns. You must seek help before you feel that you cannot do more. While you are talking to someone, you listen to yourself and it is you who find the light of what once seemed a tunnel.

10. Take a moment for yourself:

Give yourself a moment. Sometimes we surround ourselves with many people, traffic, and the office, even at home. It is best to take a break to walk, read, write; there are thousands of things you can do with yourself.

We hope that these 10 tips to improve mental health will help you feel good about yourself: if your mind is good, your body as well. Good luck with your new life.


9 Tips to Prevent Cancer

9 Tips to Prevent Cancer

If you want to prevent cancer or cancer recurrence having healthy lifestyles is the key. By following these tips you can improve your quality of life. Scientists are studying different ways to prevent cancer and it has been shown that nutrition plays a key role in prevention as well as cancer development. In this article, we give you some tips to prevent cancer.

9 tips to prevent cancer are given here:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight
  2. Get regular physical activity
  3. Have a healthy diet
  4. Decrease your sugar intake
  5. More fish and less meat
  6. Limit consumption of alcohol and tobacco
  7. Decrease your salt intake
  8. Store food properly
  9. Medical checkup

1. Maintain a healthy weight:

This is one of the most important points to reduce the risk of cancer. Ideally, maintain a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.5 and 24.9 kg / m2. BMI is the relationship of weight to height and is an easy and quick indicator to identify if your weight is healthy according to its structure.

To calculate your BMI divide your weight in kilograms between your heights in meters raised to the square. And remember, fat accumulated at the abdominal level increases the risk of cancer and other diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

2.  Get regular physical activity:

It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to have good cardiovascular health, however, if you should lose a few pounds, increase to 60 minutes of exercise a day. Increase your time progressively in order to improve your fitness and gain greater benefits.

3.  Have a healthy diet:

Consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Variety is the most important since the nutrients that the broccoli has does not have an apple, for example. The color is indicative of the sources of nutrients you have, so try to include vegetables and fruits of red, orange and dark green in your diet.

Prefer complex carbohydrates and avoid refined flours. Complex carbohydrates like legumes, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables contain more fiber, vitamins, and minerals, so they are more nutritious. Refined flours tend to raise blood sugar levels, generating more anxiety and alterations in insulin levels, which stimulate the accumulation of body fat. For this reason, the ideal is to avoid all refined and high in sugar, such as white bread, white rice, pasta, biscuits, pastries, etc.

4.  Decrease your sugar intake:

Sugar not only exists as table sugar but is present in beverages, soda, biscuits, muffins, etc. It is the food that contributes most to weight gain, and being overweight is a risk factor for cancer.

5.  More fish and less meat:

Some studies have shown that red meat increases the risk of cancer. Limit red meat consumption to 2 times a week and include more fish in your feed. Avoid consumption of processed meats and sausages.

Get regular physical activity
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6.  Limit consumption of alcohol and tobacco:

It is recommended to limit alcohol consumption to 1 alcoholic drink per day for women or 2 for men. An alcoholic beverage equals any of the following. If you smoke avoid it, as tobacco increases the production of free radicals in the body, which are harmful molecules.

7.  Decrease your salt intake:

Sodium is necessary for proper functioning of the body, but excess increases the risk of diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Sodium is present in many other foods such as sausages, canned foods, fast food, processed foods, soups, condiments such as consomme, cubes, sauces, dressings, etc.

8. Store food properly:

When food, especially cereals and grains, are stored at room temperature mold is formed, and it can produce a toxin called aflatoxin. Research indicates that it is one of the strongest potentiators of cancer. For this reason, store the food in containers with a lid and in the case of rice, pasta, breakfast cereals and bread, you can store them in the refrigerator, so they will last longer.

9.  Medical checkup:

Screening for various types of cancer-such as skin, colon, prostate, cervical, and breast cancers-can increase your chances of discovering cancer early when treatment is more likely to be successful. Ask your doctor about which cancer screening is best for you.


5 Tips for Positive Attitude to Life

5 Tips for Positive Attitude to Life

That life is full of ups and downs is something we all know. It does not matter that you are, how much money you have, or where in the world you are; living negative experiences and unpleasant situations can touch us all. In this article, we have tips for having a positive attitude to life.

1.  Focus on everything you can control

It is impossible to have everything under control. We cannot change the things we cannot control. So no matter how much you distress, the result will remain the same. Do not waste energy and effort on things that produce you. Just live and enjoy the present, you’re here and now and tomorrow, tomorrow will be seen.

2. Change of mindset

Each and every situation that you live, even the worst, teaches you something. To be stronger, to know that in that way you have tried it does not go well, to love you more. Everything teaches, everything influences, and you are the one who will decide what learning to draw from that experience.

The experiences are really neutral; we are the ones who put the emotional connotation. We are the ones who make them meaningful. And to you, how is the glass, half full or half empty.

3. Increase your self-esteem

We’ve all been wrong ever. We have had hard days and times, even things we are not proud of. And I tell you: yes, it’s true, so what? Do not ignore that pain; do not ignore that frustration that you feel towards you.

Stand up and ask yourself what and how you can do to improve and get to it without hesitation. Stop criticizing yourself constantly. Be kind and understanding when faced with personal mistakes. We all err, and as you have read before, everything is learned. The only man who does not make a mistake is the one who never does anything.

Seek support whenever you need it
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4. Seek support whenever you need it

It is not fair that you suffer in silence. Seeking support from your family and friends will not only help you better cope, but relationships with them will also be strengthened. Just sharing it will help you, do it and you’ll see how you notice it.

5. Everything happens

The only constant in life changes. And like everything, negative and unpleasant situations also happen. What you must do is to keep all the positive and useful of that unpleasant situation (a lesson learned, a test of your capacity for recovery and adaptation) and know how to deal with it so you never forget that even the worst moments also have an end.

Bad experiences are opportunities that give us life to demonstrate that each day we can overcome ourselves and the challenges that pose us. Get up. Get dressed and get out there. Show the world that you value your life, and you will fight to squeeze it to the maximum.


Tips to make up in an incredible way

Tips to make up in an incredible way

Make-up is one of the most entertaining things in the world because we can create thousands of combinations and see ourselves totally different depending on the day and the occasion that we present ourselves. For this, we have some tips make up in an incredible way. Girls have that advantage over men, plus clothing and style that we can adopt according to the seasons, the latest trends and how comfortable we want to feel. That is why in Banquet we have brought a series of makeup tips for all our friends, especially if we are coming days of sunshine soon after the last days of cold. Put a lot of attention to these incredible tips, which will make you see us all much more beautiful, elegant and beautiful.

1) The outline defines our look:

You should keep in mind that if you want to make up for an important meeting or a party at night, the best option is to use liquid eyeliners, although it seems complicated for many of us. There is a very easy technique to look at well and is to place a mirror face up on a smooth surface, then first delineate the line where the eyelashes are born, first using a pencil eyeliner. With that first line as a guide, you can do it without problems with the liquid eyeliner.

2) We always need a lipstick not to abandon us:

It has always happened that we make up using our favorite lipstick, but after a while, it just disappears and we return to our initial state. If you want it to not happen that fast, use a little foundation on your lips before putting on your lipstick. This helps make the makeup more concentrated and last all day.

3) Eyebrows are very important:

The eyebrows are a fundamental part of our face; we are even able to define our mood. We recommend that they are always perfect, well cared for, depilated and combed. It is super important that the area of the eyebrows should be free of any hair and for this, you can use a blush brush to stay flawless.

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4) You have to revitalize your hair from time to time:

If you take care of your hair and give it an appearance that follows trends, you will always look young. If you have not taken care of your hair permanently for a long time, go to the hair salon closer and ask for advice in a style that goes with you. To maintain a healthy and strong hair, you must revitalize it at least every two years.

You know, if you want to look radiant and fresh, do not hesitate to invest in yourself with the aim to feel comfortable with your body, especially to slash all that beauty you have in you.


15 Simple make-up tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style

15 Simple make-up tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style

Makeup, when properly applied, can help you look much better. It will only take you a few extra minutes in the mornings to achieve a look that can make you feel more confident and ready to face your day. For those, who are not accustomed to make-up on a daily basis may seem difficult, but there are 15 simple makeup tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style that can make your task easier without you seeing too much paint.

As you can realize, the basic steps are to use base and corrector; mascara; delineate your eyelids and if you want to apply a little shade in a neutral color; paint your lips delineating them first. A plus may be to apply blush and outline and make up your eyebrows, but it is not imperative. Here are some tips for you that want to look even more beautiful, but also natural.

  1. After adding the makeup base apply the concealer in strategic zones. The way to apply the corrector is in the form of an inverted pyramid under the eye, instead of drawing a crescent. With this, your face will be brighter.
  2. If you are not an expert with the eyeliner, apply it on the eyelash curler. Paint a line with the pencil eyeliner on the top of the curler; then use it in your eyes and at the same time you will get curly eyelashes and the upper eyelid outlined.
  3. Only make up your eyebrows to achieve a good look when you do not have time to apply more makeup.
  4. To intensify the color of your old eyeliner pencil, just warm it up a few seconds with a lighter.
  5. To achieve a perfect cat eye outline you can use a card or a tape as a guide

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  6. To achieve bigger eyelashes, heat the curler with the hairdryer. Then curl your eyelashes and apply the mascara without removing the curler from the eyelashes.
  7. Use a spoon to guide you when you use the blush on your cheeks. If it is difficult for you to find the hollows under the cheekbones to mark the outline of your face, take a spoon and place it on your cheeks to draw the baseline. The area just below the spoon is where you should apply the blush powder or gel.
  8. Line a spoon in the curve of your eyebrows to get a perfect brow. The curve of a large spoon is perfect for outlining the arch of your eyebrows. Use this line as a guide and start filling your eyebrows with light movements.
  9. Draw a hashtag or ‘cat’ tilted at the outer corner of the eyelid to achieve the smokey-eyes effect create a smokey-eyes effect, draw a beautiful hashtag symbol just before the outer corner of the eye and then diffuse it with the help of brushes.
  10. If you have run out of eyeliner, the mascara can replace it. Use an eyeliner brush and remove some mascara from the brush; then use it to outline your eyes.
  11. If you want your lips to have a volume effect. Use a clear eyeliner pencil, draw some lines and melt them, then apply the lip color of your preference.
  12. Apply a base of make-up with downward strokes. Applying makeup down helps you hide the lint that forms on your cheeks.
  13. If you wear eyeliner inside your eye, at the bottom, it changes to white or skin color so that your eyes look wider and brighter.

6 tips to lead a happier and free lifestyle

6 tips to lead a happier and free lifestyle

Life is full of opportunities to find happiness and enjoy hundreds of enriching and unique experiences. We have 6 tips to lead a happier and free lifestyle.

The thing is that many are erroneously seeking to be free and happy with the acquisition of material goods, money or people who may not be willing to share their same interest.

While it is true that for many aspects of life all this is necessary, it is also shown that with some simple habits you can get more feelings of well-being and joy than anything else.

One of the main keys to enjoying life to the fullest and finding a meaning to live it is to do it through the moments that “make you vibrate” and fill with emotion.

To achieve this, it is necessary to leave the routine and seek new sensations through pleasurable activities.

Knowing that many are looking for some tips to feel better every day, then we will share 6 keys to adopt a more intense and happy lifestyle.

1.  Eat healthily:

Most cannot imagine how important it is to have a balanced diet to enjoy a good mood and better energy.

The foods you consume influence directly in these aspects and therefore the healthier you eat, the happier and more satisfied you feel.

Conversely, when you base your diet on foods with a high calorie and fat content, your appetite increases and there is also a greater risk of developing a chronic disease.

You’ll be amazed how a meal based on fresh vegetables, protein, and healthy fats, in moderate portions, will fill you with more energy.

2. Less television and more time outdoors:

The televisions, as well as other electronic devices, have a direct effect on brain chemistry and how much more use they are given, the more likely there are to reduce levels of so-called happiness hormones.

In contrast, by spending more time outdoors, whether exercising or gardening, increases levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, chemicals associated with stress reduction and several of the symptoms of depression.

3. Speak less, listen more:

You cannot imagine all the benefits you get when you learn to talk less and listen more. Listening is learning the wisdom of others and is one of the best ways to find inner peace.

When there is an interest in participating in gossip or talking bad people, you can fill with so many negative emotions that in the end, you will only be unhappiness.

The body is aware of the good and the bad, so when you are positive you feel better and calmer.

4. Take on your responsibilities:

Under no circumstances are your mistakes the fault of others. No matter how much influence you have on others in your mistakes, decisions are always in your hands and therefore, the consequences will be your responsibility.

Although it seems easier to accuse others when something does not go well, the truth is that it is more constructive and healthy to recognize mistakes and learn from them.

Take cold showers
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5. Take cold showers:

If your body is accustomed to hot water, it is normal for you to have some difficulty getting into cold water.

The point is that this good habit has many benefits for your body and acts as a great natural antidepressant.

After taking a shower with cold water you will feel more relaxed, but also with more energy and enthusiasm for the day to day.

Start by gradually lowering the temperature of the water to accustom the skin to the sensation generated by the cold.

6. Be more kind:

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being a person with a violent, abusive or rude attitude. On the other hand, when one perceives kindness there is a desire to correspond to that feeling and establish some kind of relationship.

Of course, it is not a question of being overly friendly as others could be taken advantage of. The important thing is to keep in mind that the friendlier you are to others, the more brain activity you have and your serotonin levels increase.

Putting these simple tips into practice can make a difference in your life to feel better every day. The main thing is that you learn to master the positive energies that surround you so that you never lack happiness and do not let go of good opportunities.


Ten Tips for a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Ten Tips for a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

To have a good pregnancy, we should not only look at physical health  being healthy is essential right now, but also being mentally calm, prepared and happy. To have a good pregnancy, we should not only look at physical health. Being healthy is essential right now, but also being mentally calm, prepared and happy. That is why we are going to give ten tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Eating and drinking healthy during pregnancy:

The diet has to be varied and balanced. The important thing is to take foods rich in nutrients and vitamins such as folic acid, iron, calcium, and iodine, but not in fats. The diet has to be varied based on vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, and legumes, not forgetting the daily supply of meat and fish proteins.

A healthy diet maintains proper hydration. Drinking enough water and milk to give us calcium is essential. We can also drink juices, better natural and not sugary. Of course, let’s forget alcoholic drinks and coffee.

Take the recommended vitamin supplements:

To supplement a healthy diet, the doctor will recommend certain vitamin supplements that include folic acid, along with other vitamin and mineral supplements also beneficial for pregnancy, such as iron, iodine, calcium. In this way, we help the fetus to develop properly avoiding deficiencies that could cause complications for both the baby and mother.

Exercise during pregnancy:

For our well-being and an ideal weight gain, it is essential to perform physical exercise appropriate to our state. Whether swimming, yoga, walking, the Pilates method.

By performing a moderate and constant exercise we will improve our cardiovascular and muscular condition and favor the postural correction. All this will provide the pregnant woman with a better overall physical condition and allow her to face the work of pregnancy and childbirth with fewer risks.

Go to medical visits:

Periodically visit the gynecologist to perform the necessary tests and obtain adequate prenatal care. Thus we will monitor both the health of the baby and ours, having the possibility to consult the specialist all our doubts and fears, as well as talk about our birth plan. The prenatal tests will give us peace of mind, help us to “get close” to the baby and with the ultrasounds, we will have their first images for the memory.

Drinking healthy during pregnancy
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Wear proper clothing:

We must wear comfortable clothing (including shoes), appropriate to the increase in weight and volume we experience. This will help the blood circulate better; our movements are correct and not forced as the skin stays healthy. It’s not about dressing like sacks of potatoes, because fortunately being pregnant is no longer fussy about fashion, and many stores sell pretty pre-owned clothes. Heels can wait, but to feel comfortable and beautiful with a nice “wrapping” favors an important psychic well-being at the moment.

Pregnancy Relaxation:

Pamper your mind during pregnancy.

If we take time to take care of our body, we also have to save time for our relaxation and care of our mind. Not only is the body more vulnerable during pregnancy. Finding our tranquility and doing relaxation exercises at home will help us feel better. We do not have to park the activities that we like going to the cinema, reading, going out to the country, crafts.

Take care of our skin:

During pregnancy, it is essential to apply protective sunscreens to prevent skin blemishes and burns. Due to the action of the hormones, the skin of the pregnant woman suffers alterations like the hyperpigmentation. Also important are anti-stress creams, which prevent the appearance of these scars by stretching our skin, with special attention during the final months, when the skin is stretched very fast.

Hydrating the whole body after the bath or shower gives us a moment of relaxation. Soft massage after exercise helps us feel better. Of course, the external hydration must be complemented with the internal, drinking plenty of liquids as we have already mentioned in the point referred to nutrition. Everything combined will increase our well-being by feeling more cared for and beautiful.

A good rest during pregnancy:

To sleep and to rest what the body asks of us is very important. Tiredness and sleep can accompany us from the first moment as one of the first symptoms of pregnancy and hopefully will disappear. But it is more than likely that we will feel very tired and sleepy in the final stages of pregnancy. It is what the body needs, and we must listen to it, resting as much as possible, not forgetting that moderate exercise will make us rest and sleep better.

Preparation classes at childbirth:

Attending childbirth classes can be very beneficial for both our physical and mental health. Relating to other pregnant women and sharing experiences open our minds to discover that we are not the only ones who have doubts or fears.

They also serve to gain knowledge and awareness about changes in our body, knowledge about the phases of childbirth, baby hygiene or breastfeeding will help us feel more prepared for the changes that are coming. Through knowledge, an important self-confidence is generated thanks to security, and being a father begins to live already. As much as possible, it is good to share these classes with the couple.

Communicate with the baby:

Talking to the baby, communicating with him, putting music on him, will make us feel closer to him, preparing us for the moment when he really reaches our arms. Know how your evolution is going from month to month, how it grows in our belly, write a letter, keep a journal of our pregnancy, and respond to your patads.

All these simple activities will achieve that the life that is generated in our bosom will fill us more of life to us. The possible annoyances of our pregnancy are forgotten in these moments of communication.

Do not forget, to have a healthy pregnancy requires a happy pregnancy. We have to take care of mind and body in this delicate stage of our life, full of emotions and feelings sometimes contradictory. I hope these tips to achieve a healthy and happy pregnancy encourage you to face this stage of your lives with an optimistic and full of vitality.


7 Home Remedies to Eliminate headache

7 Home Remedies to Eliminate a fast headache

The headaches can cause nausea, vomiting and general malaise. In this article, we will give you 7 home remedies to eliminate tension and headache.

Home Remedies to Remove Headache Fast

1. Water: One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration. When you begin to notice the first discomfort, be sure to drink a couple of glasses of water and in the later hours continue moisturizing (remember that through fresh fruits and vegetables you can include good amounts of water in your body). Water with lemon is another healthy option. Avoid “junk” or “junk” drinks.

2. Massage: The scalp, neck, temples, nose fins and earlobes: massaging these areas improves blood circulation and lowers stress. Simply make light pressure with your fingertips and drawing circles. Another option is to use two tennis balls in a sock or something similar, lie on your back and place the two balls just below the base of the skull (occipital bone) and relax. Sometimes at first, it may not be very comfortable and as time goes by it shows a lot of improvement. This home remedy is especially effective for a headache caused by sinusitis.

3. Ice: Apply ice on the forehead in a well-sealed bag and put in some cloth for 20 minutes. This is a quick remedy for a headache that in addition to decreasing or eliminating pain improves circulation.

Relaxation and rest
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4. Relaxation and rest: A very common cause is stress, worries and lack of sleep. Your body is telling you that it is time to relax, to think of yourself. Lie down comfortably, relax or even get some sleep if you need to, as some causes of a headache are lack of rest and hours of sleep.

5. Hot water: Putting a hot water bottle or electric blanket on the neck and neck is another effective and quick remedy. Even if you fancy you can take a relaxing bath of hot water with lavender bath salts.

6. Matricaria infusion: This large medicinal plant is very effective and beneficial for use in many natural remedies, and one of them is a headache. When you notice the first signs take an infusion made with one teaspoon per cup of water, let stand 5 minutes, strain and drink. You can take 3 or 4 a day.

7. Aromatherapy for a headache: We can find essential oils that are highly effective to combat a headache. The most used are Lavender, Marjoram, Eucalyptus or Chamomile. There is a massage mixture that is useful: 5 drops of rosemary, 5 drops of nutmeg, and 5 drops of lavender and base oil. The essential oils can be used in burners, diluted with a base oil (sweet almond, olive, etc.) for massage, in a bath or to inhale.