Debunking Penis Myths

A lot of us learn about sex and our changing bodies at childhood sleepovers or in the playground at school. As we matured, we were able to better distinguish fact from fiction but what about those myths and tales that stick around? The ones that become part of our social fabric, that we rarely question. There are lots of these surrounding the penis. So, it’s time to separate fact from fiction about this important bodily organ.

Men with big feet

We’ve all heard the theory that men with big feet must be well-endowed. However, the truth is that the size of a man’s feet (or hands) has almost no correlation to the size of his manhood. A Canadian study from 1993 took measurements from over 60 men and although the size of the feet and height had a slight correlation, the data was weak. A further London study in 2002 found no link whatsoever between the shoe size and penis size of more than 100 men.

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The bigger the better

In truth, penises don’t differ a great deal in size on average and despite 85% of women reporting being happy with the size of their partner’s penis, men still worry over not being big enough. The belief that bigger is better does not reflect the data.

An interesting study in Kenya in 2014 found that women married to men with bigger penises were more likely to be unfaithful. It is thought that women associate bigger penises with painful sex and seek out men with smaller packages so as to enjoy sex more.

Ejaculation occurs in large amounts

This is a myth perpetuated by the pornography industry, that men ejaculate large quantities of semen when they experience orgasm. The reality is a little less spectacular, with the average man ejaculating around a teaspoon of semen when they orgasm. It might not sound much but a teaspoon is more than enough, as there are usually 200 million sperm for every ml of ejaculation. Any less than this could indicate an underlying health issue. Although STIs often have no symptoms, any changes noticed in your privates should be checked out as soon as possible. For STI testing London, visit  

Race affects penis size

Despite having no evidence, this myth continues to live on. A 2015 study in Britain took measurements from 15,000 men from across the world and revealed that there is no correlation whatsoever between race and penis size. It seems this one is all myth and no science.

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Medication can make your penis bigger

Despite centuries of trying different concoctions to enlarge their penises, there is still no magic cream or pill that can make a penis larger. Whilst medication and supplements like Viagra increase levels of nitric oxide, improving blood flow, this is more of an inflation than an enlarging. Despite many pills and creams being sold at alternative medicine shops and online, there is no real scientific evidence that backs up their claims.

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