12 natural remedies to eliminate dark circles under your eyes

12 natural remedies to eliminate dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem of beauty. These dark circles give us an appearance of tiredness or diseases. In this article, we give you 12 natural remedies to eliminate dark circles under your eyes.

12 natural remedies:

1. Use a cold tea pack:

Uses cold tea compresses using rosemary tea bags to increase circulation in your eyes. Soak the tea bags in cold water and squeeze the excess water from the tea bags, then place the bags over your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes so that you can remove dark circles.

Tannins containing tannins will help reduce the amount of swelling and discoloration in the area under your eyes.

2. Use moisturizing creams with vitamin C:

Moisturizers that have Vitamin C and Antioxidants will help keep the collagen under your skin, too. Make sure you gently touch the moisturizer on the delicate skin under your eyes instead of rubbing it.

3. Use a sunscreen that has at least 15 FPS:

If you use sunscreen that has at least 15 FPS (but preferably with 20 FPS) daily to prevent the appearance of dark circles because the rays of the sun are extremely dangerous for your skin.

4. Use almond oil:

Massage the area under your eyes using Almond Oil before bed for 2 weeks. The massage will allow the oil to penetrate under your skin to help improve circulation in that area.

5. Use Cucumbers:

Cut a few fresh cucumbers and place them in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour, then place the fresh cucumber slices on your closed eyelids, this will help get rid of those dark circles under your eyes.

6. Use Rose Water:

Dip a piece of cotton in rose water and apply to the area under the eyes for 10 minutes. Then, the rose water will penetrate your skin to relieve the tiredness of your eyes, and will also absorb all the toxins that caused your dark circles.

Use Cucumbers
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7. Use crushed mint leaves:

Mint Crushed Leaves can be applied in the area under the eyes for 20 minutes. The mint leaves will give a fresh and tingling sensation, increase circulation and eliminate those horrible dark circles.

8. Mix the pineapple juice and turmeric powder:

Apply the mixture of pineapple juice and turmeric powder in the area of your black circles to help you eliminate them naturally.

9. Eliminate your dark circles while you sleep:

Today there are many treatments that you can wear on your face while you sleep. There are masks that can truly help reduce swelling as well as discoloration on the skin. So that you prepare your own mask to use before bed.

Simply look for a face wipe and moisten it with cold water, and

You should shake the wipe to get the excess water out, and then

While you sleep, keep the towel on your eyes to remove dark circles.

10. Remedy Using Potatoes:

In China, South America and Hong Kong potatoes are used to remove dark circles. Potatoes contain enzymes that help clear the skin. These enzymes absorb the toxins that cause those black circles under the eyes and leave the skin under the eyes to be clearer and fresher.

11. Drink More Water:

Dark circles occur when you do not drink the recommended amount of water, which will not allow toxins to leave your body and these toxins, in turn, can cause those dark circles that form under your eyes.

12. Sleep:

If you do not get enough sleep it can lead to stress, which in turn will not only cause you to get dark circles, but also give you the appearance of being a depressed and older person.

If you do not sleep long enough it will cause your skin to look paler due to lack of circulation, so make sure you have at least 6 hours of sleep every night.






Home Remedies for Acne and remove Pimples

Home Remedies for Acne and remove Pimples

The acne cleansing ingredients can be as close as the cabinet in your kitchen. We have some wonderful home remedies for acne and remove pimples.

You might be surprised to realize that you have several acne treatments in your own home and in your kitchen especially. Common foods and ingredients such as cucumber, garlic, grapes, and yeast can be blended into a face mask and turn it into acne remedies. Giving you a homemade facial can help you prevent or cleanse acne and keep your skin shiny, moisturized and healthy.

Home Remedies for Acne

1. Lemon juice:

Add lemon and rose juice in equal amounts and apply the mixture to the affected area for about half an hour. Regularly following this procedure for three to four weeks is one of the home remedies for the most popular acne.

Lemon juice can also be applied in combination with an equal amount of peanut oil to prevent how to cure this embarrassing problem. Similarly, lemon juice can be added to sandal power and apply the remaining stickiness can help reduce pimples for the most part. The combination of lemon juice and cinnamon powder is beneficial in shin treatments.

2. Honey:

Honey is considered good for the skin. Applying the prepared blend of three tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder overnight is another popular natural cure for this irritating problem, this natural remedy is sure to give results if followed for at least two weeks.

A face mask that consists of grated apple and honey serves as an effective home treatment for acne and pimples.

3. Garlic:

Carving garlic in the affected area several times a day is one of the most effective yet fragrant natural home remedies for pimples. For fast results, garlic should be taken internally.

4. Tomato pulp:

Regularly applying tomato pulp to the face for about an hour helps in the effective treatment of blackheads. The cucumber pulp can be used in the same way with the same results.

Tomato pulp
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5. Papaya Juice:

Raw papaya juice can be applied on pimples to cure pimples naturally.

Other Acne Remedies

Simply applying fresh mint juice extract serves as one of the easiest natural home recipes for pimples.

Applying the blend of cilantro juice and some turmeric is an effective home remedy for treating pimples. Alternatively, if no cilantro juice is available you can use mint juice instead.

Add two to three tablespoons of dried basil leaves to a cup of water and boil the mixture for 15-20 minutes. Cool the mixture and apply to the affected area. This therapeutic home remedy should be followed in its regular schedule to get rid of pimples naturally.

Mix some water with the mixture of crushed margosa and turmeric leaves to make a fine paste. Finally, apply the remaining mixture to the blackheads and leave it on your skin for about half an hour to efficiently cure pimples and remove the remaining scars.

Grab some roasted pomegranate and powder. Then add some lemon juice to this powder to make a mixture as a stick. Applying this blend is one of the most valuable natural home recipes for pimples.

Grab some fenugreek leaves, apply them and add enough water, just enough to make the glue. Apply this glue on the face at night and wash it with warm water in the morning as an effective natural remedy to remove acne. This remedy is particularly practical for individuals with dry skin.

Grab some ground nutty add a little bad milk. Apply the mixture and leave it for one to two hours. This natural home remedy is not only beneficial for curing pimples but also for getting rid of scars.

Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help when treating pimples. Calendula and wheat germ oil are also effective against pimples.

Apply to the prepared mix of batan soil and some water is a proven cure for pimples. Land of batan helps to absorb excessive oil in the skin.

How to relieve stomach ache with home remedies

How to relieve stomach ache with home remedies

We can take advantage of the benefits of chamomile and mint if we put them together in the same infusion. In this way, we will benefit from its anti-inflammatory, sedative and digestive properties. In this article, we will know how to relieve stomach ache with home remedies.

To suffer a stomachache there are several causes, such as indigestion, possible intoxication caused by some food, extreme or temporary discomfort.

No matter what the reason, the reality is that it can affect anyone at any time, and it is an unpleasant experience. To quickly alleviate this hassle there are several very effective home remedies.


Ginger can bring us multiple benefits as it has anti-inflammatory properties, making it very useful for the treatment of stomach pain, as well as improving digestion and ending heartburn.

To prepare it, peel a slice of ginger, grate it and prepare a tea.

Another way to take it is to mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with one ginger and a half teaspoon of sugar, mix it very well, split the result to take two vaces, in the morning and afternoon.

The chamomile:

This wonderful plant is an excellent sedative for nerves, but also has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties that help relax the digestive tract and eliminate spasms. You can prepare a delicious tea with flowers and a few drops of lemon juice. We take it hot, this way we can say goodbye to the stomach ache.

The Mint:

Mint is very good for improving and increasing bile flow, which helps improve digestion; you can prepare a tea with mint leaves and a spoonful of lime juice.

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Aloe vera crystals:

Aloe vera has multiple benefits for our body, can be used for both stomachaches, diarrhea, and constipation.

You can make a smoothie with some crystals of aloe vera, with a little lemon juice; this is very effective for relieving stomach ache.

Put warm water compresses:

Hot water compresses help relax muscles and stomach contractions that can cause stomach pain. To do this treatment all you have to do is warm water and wet a towel, drain it very well and place it on the abdomen until it is cold, then repeat the operation.

Another way to apply heat on this area is to put rice in a bag and put it in the microwave to warm it, watching that it is not too hot you can place it in your abdomen; you can immediately feel the calming effect.

Recipe to calm stomach ache:

Using some of the above ingredients you can prepare a mixture that will undoubtedly be very effective for this ailment:

  • Dry ginger
  • Black pepper
  • Roasted cumin seeds
  • Garlic
  • Dried mint leaves
  • Salt

You should mix equal parts of these ingredients, grind them, then mix a tablespoon into a well with warm water and drink it after meals.

If after trying some of these remedies you feel no improvement and also gives you fever and pain increases go immediately to your doctor, it could be appendicitis, something very serious that requires immediate attention.

10 home remedies to grow hair

10 home remedies to grow hair

Get perfect hair thanks to these 10 home remedies.The feeling that hair has stopped growing is very common especially if it is not properly cared for and hydrated.

The most important thing for a constant growth is to have healthy hair with no open ends, as well as to use appropriate and quality products.

An economical and ecological way to get a long hair in a short time is through natural remedies. In this article, we recommend 10 home tricks to make your hair grow:

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a fatty substance commonly used in the cosmetic industry as soap.

Applied in hair, the coconut oil softens intensely and can be used perfectly as a conditioner without rinsing, locally on the tips, avoiding the scalp.

Thanks to this product prevent the loss of hair proteins, you will have a much healthier hair and, in this way, will grow quickly.

Olive oil:

The properties of olive oil are innumerable; in the case at hand, we will talk about its ability to block the hormone.

This secretion is the major culprit in most cases of male pattern baldness since it reduces the size of the hair follicle. Thanks to the blockage perpetrated by olive oil the hair will not fall.

In addition, it is rich in vitamin E, has antioxidant action and prevents cellular aging, as well as the formation of cancer cells.


Doing an infusion of nettle and applying massage is one of the best options. This remedy will be left to act throughout the night and will be removed the next day by washing normally.

From 15 days you will begin to notice obvious changes in the growth and quality of your hair.

Lavender oil:

Lavender is an ornamental plant from which essences are extracted and characterized by its application in medicine and as a food condiment.

Our hair will benefit from the application of lavender oil daily for a few months slowing its fall. You will notice intense growth and much healthier hair.

Coconut oil
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Castor oil:

Although castor seeds are very toxic and are used in the manufacture of varnishes, paints, lubricants or brake fluids. Conditions that a priori would make us distrust.

Once destroyed ricin is one of the most effective purgatives and its content in ricinoleic acid protects the hair and scalp from infections. It also hydrates and nourishes making your hair look shiny, strong and thick.


The onion, especially the red one, is an essential food in our diets given its countless properties: Combats rheumatism, gout disease, infections, and osteoporosis.

Add onion pieces to the shampoo leaving it to rest for two weeks approximately, after this period we will extract the onion so that its unpleasant odor is not impregnated.

Jojoba oil:

Jojoba produces a unique liquid wax whose properties benefit multiple industries.

Applying this oil will seal the hair follicle avoiding the escape of moisture, a characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of the products that we offer which act to penetrate the hair.

Almond oil:

This treatment does not promote growth but it will improve the look and quality of the hair. And we know that the main condition for the hair to develop is that it is taken care of and healthy.

Almond oil provides moisturizing, protection, on the other hand, eliminates dead skin cells and inflamed aliva. You will notice that the hair breaks much less affecting the volume and quantity.

Aloe and honey:

By extracting the pulp from the aloe vera plant and mixing it with honey you will achieve a fast and striking growth.

To achieve a greater effect, the bond should be allowed to act for about 20 minutes and then proceed to rinse normally.

Rosemary oil:

Those who opt for this solution against the fall and strengthening of the hair will also delay the appearance of gray hair.

Another of the qualities that make this a very advisable alternative is its action against dandruff, one of the most costly problems to remedy and that most concern us.

7 home remedies to nourish and repair battered hair

7 home remedies to nourish and repair battered hair

Hair is an important part of the beauty of every woman because, in fact, it is considered as one of its great physical attractions. Now, we will give you 7 home remedies to nourish and repair battered hair.

For all that is ideal is to grow healthy, shiny and free of hair problems like falling, dryness or open ends.

However, in the attempt to achieve a perfect mane always crosses different obstacles that prevent you from looking beautiful by generating constant damage.

For this reason, it is very important to pay close attention and try to provide the nutrients you need to regenerate.

7 home remedies to nourish and repair battered hair

All these factors directly impact the hair and the scalp, deriving affections such as excessive loss, dandruff, dryness, among others.

The good news is that today there are many alternatives to restore it and support its natural recovery.

While there are hundreds of products on the market designed for these purposes, there are some natural options that without generating side effects are perfect to bring you brightness, nutrition, and regeneration.

Mask of aloe vera and yeast:

Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer that thanks to its antioxidants helps repair the structure of weak and mistreated hair.

Combined with an ingredient such as brewer’s yeast can stimulate the natural growth of hair while slowing down the fall.

This simple treatment can eliminate excess fat, combat dehydration and improve overall hair appearance in a matter of days.


1 teaspoon of brewer’s yeast.

2 leaves of aloe vera.

1 tablespoon of olive oil.


Extract the gel from the two leaves of aloe vera and mix with the yeast and the oil until obtaining a paste of creamy consistency.

Extend the product all over the hair and scalp, covering it later with a hat to let it act for 30 minutes.

After that time, rinse with warm water and use your favorite conditioner.

Mask of mayonnaise:

Mayonnaise is an ingredient rich in natural oils and vitamins that can help strengthen hair to combat dryness, weakening and open tips.

This simple mask uses this product as the only ingredient, as it contains everything necessary for hair regeneration.


½ cup mayonnaise.


Moisten your entire mane and then extend this product ensuring you cover from root to tips.

Cover all hair with a shower cap or bag and let it act for 30 minutes.

Egg Mask:

Egg on the hair? So is! In case you did not know, the egg is a source of vitamin E and proteins that can strengthen the capillary roots to avoid weakening and accelerate regeneration.

In addition, the fatty compounds contained in its yolk serve to naturally moisturize and combat dryness.


1 egg yolk.

2 tablespoons olive oil.

1 tablespoon of warm water.


Pour the yolk into a bowl and top with a fork.

Add the olive oil carefully and then the teaspoon of water.

Keep beating until everything is well integrated and proceed to apply.

For optimum results, it is advisable to apply it all over the hair, just before the routine washing.

Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with normality.

Mask of papaya
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Yogurt and Egg Mask:

Another good option to take advantage of the benefits of an egg is by preparing this natural treatment that combines with the properties of yogurt.

Both ingredients have conditioning properties that help repair damaged parts of hair that make it look dry and damaged.

In addition, the lactic acid in yogurt has a positive effect on the scalp, helping it to clean deep to get rid of those impurities that give rise to several alterations.


50 grams of natural yogurt.

1 egg.


In a clean container mix the 50 grams of yogurt with 1 egg and form a homogenous paste.

When you are ready, moisturize all the hair and apply this treatment making sure to sprinkle each one of the parts.

Let it act for 30 minutes and rinse.

Mask of papaya:

This fruit is one of the best for hair care since, in addition to providing hydration, it also provides vitamins, minerals, and proteins that make it look strong and shiny.

Thanks to the action of its nutrients, especially its enzymes, this natural treatment is useful for healthy, beautiful and long hair.


2 slices of papaya.

2 tablespoons of plain yogurt.


Cut two slices of ripe papaya and mash it with the fork until you get a creamy paste.

Add two tablespoons of yogurt and mix again until blended.

If you want you can liquefy instead of grinding to save more time.

When the paste is ready, apply it on damp hair, making sure to spread the scalp.

Cover with a bag or cap and let it act for 20-30 minutes.

Mask of banana and avocado:

One of the best ingredients to nourish and repair your hair is avocado. This food is a source of fatty acids and vegetable proteins that can strengthen the scalp and hair in general so that they look radiant and free of imperfections.

Combined with the humectants properties and vitamins of the banana, this remedy is perfect to regenerate. Let’s do it!


1 ripe avocado.

1 ripe banana.

2 tablespoons of wheat germ oil.


Extract the avocado pulp and mash it using a fork to obtain a paste.

Crush the banana and mix with avocado and two tablespoons of wheat germ oil.

Apply this treatment to damp hair, let it act for 40 minutes and rinse.

Mask to close open ends:

When cutting open ends is not an option, there are some treatments that can help repair them to improve their appearance and moisturize.

Honey has moisturizing and antioxidant properties that contribute to the improvement of the hair so that it looks smooth and shiny.



6 Natural Treatments for Abused Hair

6 Natural Treatments for Abused Hair

In addition to these treatments, to improve the health of our hair is important to nourish it from the inside and avoid excessive use of chemicals and irons or dryers. For this, we give you 6 natural treatments for abused hair.

Hair is one of our most beautiful attributes. But what happens when the sun, weather factors and some neglect on our part damage it. In that case, we must use natural remedies, as they are an excellent way to improve the appearance and vitality of badly treated hair in a healthier way.

Although there is a good supply of beauty products to improve the mistreated hair, we propose an alternative so that you can save a little money and at the same time take care of your health.

Most of these products on the market have chemical agents that, in the long run, can affect you. Instead, you can use natural products without problems.

Natural hair treatments give you back the softness and shine you have lost. They are very effective and, if you apply them well, they will give you excellent results without emptying your pocket. Now, we are going to enter the fascinating world of home remedies to treat damaged hair.

  1. Mayonnaise-Based Treatment:



Olive oil.

Vitamin E capsules or tablets.

Castor oil.


The amount you need from these ingredients will depend on the length of your hair. Mix all the ingredients, apply them on your hair and let them act for at least 20 minutes. Then, to remove, use warm water. This treatment can be applied once a week.

2. Oil and beer treatment:


2 tablespoons olive oil (16 g).

½ cup of beer (100 ml).

2 tablespoons yellow mustard (10 g). It can be substituted with mayonnaise.


Add the two tablespoons of yellow mustard and warm water olive oil to the beer. Mix everything thoroughly and apply to the hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Like the previous treatment, it serves to revitalize the damaged hair and you must remove the mixture with abundant warm water. This treatment should be applied twice a week.

3. Aloe vera treatment for badly treated hair:


Aloe vera.

3 tablespoons of beer (30 ml).

2 tablespoons olive oil (16 g).


Crush the aloe vera; add the three tablespoons of beer and olive oil. Mix well and apply to the tips of your hair every 15 days. Let it act on the hair for 15 minutes and then remove with plenty of warm.

4. Treatment based on papaya and banana:




Olive oil or coconut oil.

Honey of bees.



This is a bit more complex because of a number of ingredients you need, but it is very effective. First, you should mix all these ingredients in a blender or blender. The amount will vary depending on the length of your hair.

This treatment is for the tips and center and should be applied at least once a week. To apply this treatment on your battered hair you must wrap it in foil, or you can also use a bathing cap. Let it act for 30 to 40 minutes and at the end remove with plenty of water.

Coconut and lemon treatment
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5. Coconut and lemon treatment:


Coconut oil.

Lemon juice.


Mix the coconut oil with the lemon juice in a ratio of 1 by 2. Apply by massaging along the hair. This is a great way to revitalize and moisturize your hair while removing dandruff.

6. Coconut and curry treatment:


Coconut oil.

Curry leaves.


Crush a few curry leaves and boil them together with coconut oil. This preparation is applied at least once a week and is a very useful way to strengthen the hair and improve its natural shine.


How to Relieve Knee Pain Naturally

Relieve Knee Pain Naturally, the method used will depend on the extent of the injury and the cause of the pain. Sports will need surgery, while sprains or blows can relieve naturally.

It is difficult to complain of a relieve knee pain, most people consider it to be synonymous with old age and weakness, so many bear the pain until the damage is too great.

But I’ll tell you a secret. Relieve Knee pain is a very common condition that manifests itself in people of any age and if not attended to in time can permanently affect the movement. So, it is necessary to talk about what you feel no matter what others think, the faster you take it as a real problem, the faster you can find a solution.

Expensive operations are usually recommended to alleviate this condition. In this article, I propose 13 treatments to relieve knee pain naturally, but at first, you need to know:

Why do knees hurt?

The knee is a very complex joint that connects the thigh to the leg, resulting in the point of contact between the tibia, the femur, and the kneecap. The bones are joined by ligaments and tendons, while the presence of cartilage favors movement. It also has two bearings called menisci and bags or sacks of fluid that reduce friction and protect the structure of the knee.


Since the lower extremities support the weight of our whole body, it is quite frequent that severe lesions and inflammations occur in the knees, which are manifested by persistent pain in the affected area. Many of them can only be treated surgically, but others can be relieved through home care and unconventional treatments. Therefore, you will see the different causes of knee pain depending on the type of treatment they need.

Implications for Surgical Treatment

Sports injuries: They involve the tearing of tendons, cartilages, and ligaments caused by sudden changes of direction while running, violent turns and forced extensions. An arthroscopic surgery is usually done to allow the patient to recover within two weeks.

Fractures, dislocations: May lead to tears. They are usually treated by osteosynthesis and, if fractures are simple, there is no permanent damage.

Osteoarthritis: Occurs as a result of injuries, deformities or wear and tear due to age. The most common are genu varum (the knee flexes in the form of O) and the genu vaxum (the legs arch in the form of X). It is diagnosed by radiography and treated with arthroscopic approaches.

Mouse articular: Cartilage injury at the cartilage-bone boundary. Very difficult to diagnose.

Arthritis or acute inflammation of the knee: It can have many causes, including bad positions, wear, rheumatic diseases and infections.

Tendonitis: Tendon inflammation due to improper footwear, repetition of wrong exercises or poor posture.

Sprain: Tearing, distension or excessive stretching of some ligament, due to a sudden movement, fall, blow or strong twist. It usually needs immobility for healing.

Now that you know what causes your pain on your knees you can begin to treat it. I propose 13 treatments to relieve knee pain naturally, choose the one you prefer and you will see how it improves your quality of life.

How to relieve knee pain naturally?

More and more doctors tend to use natural medicine as an alternative to the strong chemical and complex operations that are performed today, so why not do us the same thing. Since, it is considered natural medicine every procedure used to cure people, whose effectiveness has not been scientifically proven then I propose 13 treatments to relieve knee pain. It all depends on what you need: quickly relieve your ailment or treat it, in the long run, to make it disappear.

Treatment # 1: Cold compresses

This treatment is associated with sprains and minor tears of the ligaments. To reduce inflammation, use a cold compress for 30 minutes, two to three times a day. You can also use an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin. It is highly recommended for the first 48 hours after injury.

Treatment # 2: Hot compresses

The use of warm compresses relieves the aches and pains associated with diseases such as arthritis. You can use an electric blanket in a low to medium temperature, a microwave bag or a hot compress and place it in the affected area for 15 minutes, several times a day.

Treatment # 3: Cold and Hot

This treatment is simply a combination of the above where hot and cold cloths alternate for 15 minutes to revive circulation and relieve pain.

Treatment # 4: Salvia

If you do not have to swell and you have been hit in the knee area you can use this treatment. You should wrap a handful of sage leaves with a cloth soaked in warm water. Squeeze and use it to gently rub the knee for 10 minutes until the essence of the plant penetrate your skin.

Treatment # 5: Therapeutic Exercises and Stretching

Nothing like stretching and therapeutic exercises to relieve your knees. Be well informed and lead a healthy lifestyle, yoga and tai-chi can be an excellent alternative.

Treatment # 6: Massages

Continuous massages near the affected area will strengthen the muscles of the knee and help you recover, besides being very relaxed.

Treatment # 7: Acupuncture

Do not be afraid, acupuncture can be ideal to relieve you and does not involve pain, it involves insertion and manipulation of needles in the body with the goal of restoring health and well-being in the patient. You can improve your quality of life permanently.

Treatment # 8: Sanitary Technologies

In this case, physical agents are used to relieve knee pain. They are very effective and non-painful methods: Electrotherapy, Ultrasonotherapy, Contact hyperthermia, Thermotherapy, Mechanotherapy, among others. Get informed with a physiotherapist of whom method is best for your medical condition and on.

Treatment # 9: Aloe vera

It is advisable to have an aloe vera plant planted at home because it has many therapeutic uses, for example, it is used to treat osteoarthritis. First, you have to peel and dicing the Aloe vera, penca and beat it in the mixer with the peel of an orange. The resulting paste is mixed with a small cup of honey and a little bit of red mud. Apply a poultice of this paste on the knee every night and let it dry for 30 minutes. Remove with fresh water. Your knees will thank you.

Treatment # 10: Avocado

Avocado has a very high nutritional value and its pulp is a rich source of protein, healthy fats and minerals, but today we will only use its seed. You have to place the seeds of several avocados in a dry and cool place until they are well dried and then crushed until turning them into powder. This powder mixes it with hot honey until it becomes a paste which is applied to the affected area as if it were a cream. This remedy is also used to calm muscle aches. It is very effective.

relieve knee pain naturally
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Treatment # 11: Guava against inflammations

Guava contains three times more vitamin C than an orange, is a very healthy and nutritious fruit. To eliminate pain in the joints, chop 4 ripe guavas and add one liter of boiled water. This preparation is allowed to stand for 3 hours and is consumed as common water. It should be done for 15 to 90 days. The results are astounding.

Treatment # 12: Magic Lemon

Not by taste they call it the fruit of the thousand uses and is that the lemon has the most varied healing properties. If you have continuous knee pains you only have to chop a lemon in half and use it to give you a massage in the affected area. This treatment alleviates inflammation in joints and also rheumatic pains, you should not just sunbathe after doing it so that your skin does not stain due to lemon.

Treatment # 13: Food

Consuming the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that we need is everything to maintain a vigorous, flexible and healthy body, but if we also take into account those foods that contribute to the strengthening of bones our knees will appreciate it.

  1. Consume foods rich in calcium to combat osteoporosis and osteoarthritis: almonds, walnuts, milk
  2. Take a clove of garlic every day fasting, so strengthen your bones.
  3. Take 2 squares of Aloe vera each morning to avoid joint pains.

When it is essential to go to the doctor

Although natural medicine gives us relief, it is necessary to pay attention to any alarming signs. If you have any of the following symptoms, forget all your phobias and other reasons and quickly contact a specialist. A visit to the orthopedic can prevent a chronic condition and improve your quality of life.

If you cannot bear weight on the knee.

If you present intense pain and maintained even if you are not supporting the leg.

If the knee bends, pops or does not respond suddenly (may indicate disorders related to the sinuvial fluid).

If the knee is disfigured or pronounced inflammation, redness or high temperature in the affected area.

If you have pain, swelling, numbness, tingling or bluish discoloration below the affected knee.

If the pain continues after three days of home treatment.

Tips to Avoid Knee Pain

You already have all the elements you need to treat your knee pains, you see, neither old age nor weakness, attention and treatment are what matters. To conclude, I offer 10 tips that will help you avoid damage to your precious knees:

Change position: Being long sitting or standing increases pressure on the knees and affects the blood circulation. Change positions every so often, stay active.

Do low-impact exercises and stretches :Nothing like a sedentary life to damage the joints. Dare to walk 30 minutes each day at your own pace or sign up for tai-chi or yoga. Your knees will thank you.

Avoid kneeling: In that position, all the weight of the body falls on the knee, remember that that small joint is bearing the pressure that represents the weight of your whole body, being on your knees for a long time can dangerously damage it.

Wear low, comfortable shoes: High heels increase pressure on your knees, use them only for special moments.

Lose a few pounds: If weight is a problem for you, consider realistic and fun goals. Losing weight will make you agiler and will relieve your knees forever.

The Advantages Of Using Green Tea Scrub To Exfoliate

Green Tea

Many people are discovering the benefits of exfoliating the skin with green tea scrub. Exfoliation aids natural skin renewal by loosening and removing dead cells stuck to the epidermis. Scrubs will remove the dull layer of skin that makes the surface appear rough and flaky. Some natural ingredients work to relieve acne symptoms, may prevent certain skin cancers and soothe irritation caused by various environmental factors.

The body continuously produces new skin cells to replace the thousands that naturally shed on a daily basis. Most of them fall off but some cling to the surface and exfoliating will break them free. Removing the dead cells reveals a layer of fresher cells. This treatment speeds up the entire process, removing old cells and promoting new cell growth to maintain a fresh look.

Mechanical exfoliation is a procedure involving gentle massage with a formula containing particles of salt, sugar or some other slightly abrasive material. There are other more invasive procedures including chemical peels that dissolve cells with acids. Individuals have more control over the mechanical method making it less harsh on the skin.

Green Tea Scrub
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Some masks, powders, cleansers, and wipes contain fruit enzymes that dissolve the cells. This process happens without rubbing. An enzyme treatment is a good option for anyone who has acne or especially sensitive skin.

Tea leaves, in particular, the green variety, are often added to the body and facial scrubs because they have soothing properties. The leaves are rich in vitamins E and C and both nutrients are good for eliminating redness. They are high in antioxidants, which attack free radicals and protect against environmental factors that make the skin look rough and aged.

Introducing antioxidants with a green tea scrub reduces the effects of the natural aging process. Users enjoy a smooth complexion and firmer skin that resists wrinkling and sagging. Anyone can exfoliate at home to accelerate skin renewal and obtain that healthy glow everyone wants to have.