Tips to make up in an incredible way

Tips to make up in an incredible way

Make-up is one of the most entertaining things in the world because we can create thousands of combinations and see ourselves totally different depending on the day and the occasion that we present ourselves. For this, we have some tips make up in an incredible way. Girls have that advantage over men, plus clothing and style that we can adopt according to the seasons, the latest trends and how comfortable we want to feel. That is why in Banquet we have brought a series of makeup tips for all our friends, especially if we are coming days of sunshine soon after the last days of cold. Put a lot of attention to these incredible tips, which will make you see us all much more beautiful, elegant and beautiful.

1) The outline defines our look:

You should keep in mind that if you want to make up for an important meeting or a party at night, the best option is to use liquid eyeliners, although it seems complicated for many of us. There is a very easy technique to look at well and is to place a mirror face up on a smooth surface, then first delineate the line where the eyelashes are born, first using a pencil eyeliner. With that first line as a guide, you can do it without problems with the liquid eyeliner.

2) We always need a lipstick not to abandon us:

It has always happened that we make up using our favorite lipstick, but after a while, it just disappears and we return to our initial state. If you want it to not happen that fast, use a little foundation on your lips before putting on your lipstick. This helps make the makeup more concentrated and last all day.

3) Eyebrows are very important:

The eyebrows are a fundamental part of our face; we are even able to define our mood. We recommend that they are always perfect, well cared for, depilated and combed. It is super important that the area of the eyebrows should be free of any hair and for this, you can use a blush brush to stay flawless.

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4) You have to revitalize your hair from time to time:

If you take care of your hair and give it an appearance that follows trends, you will always look young. If you have not taken care of your hair permanently for a long time, go to the hair salon closer and ask for advice in a style that goes with you. To maintain a healthy and strong hair, you must revitalize it at least every two years.

You know, if you want to look radiant and fresh, do not hesitate to invest in yourself with the aim to feel comfortable with your body, especially to slash all that beauty you have in you.


15 Simple make-up tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style

15 Simple make-up tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style

Makeup, when properly applied, can help you look much better. It will only take you a few extra minutes in the mornings to achieve a look that can make you feel more confident and ready to face your day. For those, who are not accustomed to make-up on a daily basis may seem difficult, but there are 15 simple makeup tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style that can make your task easier without you seeing too much paint.

As you can realize, the basic steps are to use base and corrector; mascara; delineate your eyelids and if you want to apply a little shade in a neutral color; paint your lips delineating them first. A plus may be to apply blush and outline and make up your eyebrows, but it is not imperative. Here are some tips for you that want to look even more beautiful, but also natural.

  1. After adding the makeup base apply the concealer in strategic zones. The way to apply the corrector is in the form of an inverted pyramid under the eye, instead of drawing a crescent. With this, your face will be brighter.
  2. If you are not an expert with the eyeliner, apply it on the eyelash curler. Paint a line with the pencil eyeliner on the top of the curler; then use it in your eyes and at the same time you will get curly eyelashes and the upper eyelid outlined.
  3. Only make up your eyebrows to achieve a good look when you do not have time to apply more makeup.
  4. To intensify the color of your old eyeliner pencil, just warm it up a few seconds with a lighter.
  5. To achieve a perfect cat eye outline you can use a card or a tape as a guide

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  6. To achieve bigger eyelashes, heat the curler with the hairdryer. Then curl your eyelashes and apply the mascara without removing the curler from the eyelashes.
  7. Use a spoon to guide you when you use the blush on your cheeks. If it is difficult for you to find the hollows under the cheekbones to mark the outline of your face, take a spoon and place it on your cheeks to draw the baseline. The area just below the spoon is where you should apply the blush powder or gel.
  8. Line a spoon in the curve of your eyebrows to get a perfect brow. The curve of a large spoon is perfect for outlining the arch of your eyebrows. Use this line as a guide and start filling your eyebrows with light movements.
  9. Draw a hashtag or ‘cat’ tilted at the outer corner of the eyelid to achieve the smokey-eyes effect create a smokey-eyes effect, draw a beautiful hashtag symbol just before the outer corner of the eye and then diffuse it with the help of brushes.
  10. If you have run out of eyeliner, the mascara can replace it. Use an eyeliner brush and remove some mascara from the brush; then use it to outline your eyes.
  11. If you want your lips to have a volume effect. Use a clear eyeliner pencil, draw some lines and melt them, then apply the lip color of your preference.
  12. Apply a base of make-up with downward strokes. Applying makeup down helps you hide the lint that forms on your cheeks.
  13. If you wear eyeliner inside your eye, at the bottom, it changes to white or skin color so that your eyes look wider and brighter.

6 recipes for face masks

6 recipes for face masks

Conserve your skin with the richness of natural ingredients with these simple spa recipes to prepare the skin and enjoy the experience of a spa salon treatment in the comfort of your home without spending a lot of money. For this, we give you 6 recipes for face masks.

The face mask of avocado and honey:

What better way to moisturize and moisturize your skin than with a nourishing mask made of creamy avocados and rich honey?

The potential moisturizing properties of organic honey make it an essential ingredient for skin care of the face.

Honey is one of the best natural remedies for dry lips and parched skin while avocados are a potent source of natural omega 3 fatty acids.

The combination of avocado and honey makes this spa mask for the most nutritious face you can prepare easily at home



½ cup organic honey


Place a clean cloth soaked in warm water on your face in order to open the pores.

Then apply the face mask made by crushed avocados and honey on the face and neck and leave it for about 30 minutes.

Wash your face generously with warm water and then spray it with cold water in order to shrink pores.

Use this natural spa facial mask once a week to prevent dryness of the skin.

Carrot and Oat Spa Facial Mask:

When it comes to weight management, carrot juice for weight loss is extremely useful, but carrots are also a popular ingredient for homemade beauty recipes.

Carrots are loaded with minerals, vitamins C, D, K and E along with vitamin B and beta-carotene, all of which help make skin younger and brighter by increasing the production of collagen in skin cells.

Carrots are especially useful for preparing winter spa masks because they provide all the nutrients needed for the skin during the hard and dry winter months.


Shredded fresh carrots – 2 tablespoons

Oatmeal – 1 teaspoon

Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon

½ egg yolk


Put all the ingredients in a glass container and mix them until a soft mask is formed.

Apply it regularly on the face, neck and other body parts you want.

Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

You can apply this facial mask regularly on your skin in order to obtain an evener skin tone.

Lemon juice
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Pack of oats and yogurt:

When it comes to healthy foods to lose weight, there is nothing like oats.

The relationship between oats and weight loss has been known for decades.

But most of us are not aware of the fact that oats are a very skin friendly product that is often included in spa ideas.

The beta-glucans found in oats have a soothing and tightening effect on the skin which helps reduce inflammation and the effects of aging skin.

It also helps make the skin look younger and shiny.

The lactic acids present in sour yogurt work as a mild natural bleach and remove stains by age, scars and stains and pigmentation of the skin.


Finely ground oats – 1 tablespoon

Natural yogurt – 2 tablespoons

Honey – 1 teaspoon


Place all components in a bowl and mix vigorously to form a thick paste.

Apply this mixture on the face and massage with circular movements for 5 minutes.

Leave it on for another 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Reapply this mask twice a week to gently exfoliate your skin and make it softer and refreshed.

Natural Chocolate Face Mask:

Who does not want to indulge in the delicious taste of chocolate?

But it is a lesser known fact that chocolate is also an incredible ingredient for skin care.

Not only does the skin soft, silky and smooth, it also leaves the skin moisturized and moisturized while leaving a romantic and delicious aroma.

The antioxidants present in chocolate neutralize cell damage caused by oxidative stress.


Cocoa – 1/3 cup

Thick cream – 3 tablespoons

Cottage cheese – 2 teaspoons

Honey – ¼ cup

Oatmeal powder – 3 teaspoons


Mix all materials in a large bowl and make sure you get a smooth consistency.

Apply the mixture regularly on the face and relax for 15 to 20 minutes.

Wash it vigorously with hot water.

Re-applies this chocolate mask once a week to get a beautiful and perfect skin.

Body scrub of apple, sugar, and cinnamon:

Apples are well known for vitamin A and C which not only promote the production of collagen in the skin but also the regeneration of new skin cells.

The copper ore found in apples helps in the production of melanin which protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

The malic acid present in apples works as an exfoliating enzyme which removes dead skin cells and dirt from the outer layer of the skin.

The combination of apples with cinnamon and sugar makes it one of the best recipes for improving skin tone and is the best answer to the question of how to get rid of dead skin cells naturally.


Grated applesauce – 2 tablespoons

Brown sugar – 1 tablespoon

Granulated sugar – 1 tablespoon

Cinnamon Powder – ½ teaspoon


Mix all ingredients in a glass bowl and stir vigorously.

Apply the body scrub throughout your body and rub in soft circular movements using a sponge or wipe.

Pay particular attention to elbows, knees, and heels.

Rinse well and apply an extra moisturizing body lotion.

If you plan to use this scrub on the face, just be sure to leave the granulated sugar on the outside.

Homemade coffee-based body spa scrub:

Although there are many disadvantages of coffee for those who have insomnia or sleep disorders, there is no way to contradict the fact that coffee gives us an energy boost to do our daily tasks.

Coffee also plays an important role in spa recipes thanks to its powerful exfoliating properties.

While coarse ground coffee and sugar remove dead skin cells and flake off the surface of the skin; natural oils moisturize and soften the skin in an intense way.


Coarse ground coffee – 2 cups

Raw sugar or sea salt – ½ cup

Olive oil or sunflower oil – 3 tablespoons


Take a hot shower to relax your skin and open your pores.

Now, vigorously mix all ingredients in a bowl and massage the mixture throughout the body using prominent circular movements, rub it on the skin with a strong pressure for 5 minutes.

Take a shower and apply a thin layer of moisturizer or body lotion on your skin.

It also helps remove cellulite from the body.


Thirteen easy steps to have a home spa

Thirteen easy steps to have a home spa

Because a beautiful woman is a woman who is in contact with nature, here are thirteen easy steps to have a home spa given below.

  1. The first commandment of a home spa: keep in mind that secrets abound in nature so that women stay beautiful.
  2. It is necessary to be alone. The idea of a spa is to recreate a climate of silence and tranquility.
  3. It is recommended to choose a spacious and quiet place; if you can, as close to a garden.
  4. Lighting is fundamental. Use the thin cloth to cover windows and light bulbs. The colored candles also serve to generate a feeling of welcome; the green ones recreate a natural space.
  5. Environmental music cannot miss. The volume should be moderate enough as if it were to accompany a nap.
  6. In the space, there must be a bed or furniture where you can lie down. Spa without a massage is not a spa and to be comfortable you should be comfortable from head to toe.

    Colored candles
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  7. An infusion of eucalyptus and cinnamon may be the ideal companion for sweetening the air. First, they should be boiled in a pot so that the essence stays for more than an hour in the enclosure.
  8. The massage should begin on the tips of the feet. With open hands, you must make circular and ascending movements. Patience plays an important role. The sense of tranquility does not come instantly; depends in part on concentration and the natural environment.
  9. Exfoliation (face cleansing and rejuvenation) and bathing are the cornerstones of the spa. For both, there are various natural treatments. In the case of the first citrus fruits like lemon and orange contain sorbic acid, which helps to open pores, and glycolic acid that brings sugar soften the skin.
  10. Because each dermis is different, doctors warn that it is best not to mix the fruits in a single mask. One by one the effect is more immediate and the risk of irritation is minimal.
  11. The bathroom can be done in a shower or in a bathtub. The possibilities in the two cases vary; in the shower, you must constantly change the temperature of the water to stimulate circulation in the blood. In the bathtub, you can mix sea salt, oats and oil to soften the skin.
  12. To dry once the bath is finished, towels of good quality must be used.
  13. The skin is the main indicator that there was actually spa at home. Of its hydration and freshness depends on the relaxation.

10 tips to generate the best sensations in a spa

10 tips to generate the best sensations in a spa

The balance in the environment when decorating a spa is the biggest challenge you have to generate that atmosphere of peace, tranquility, and well-being desired by the clients. Today, we will give you 10 tips to generate the best sensations in a spa.

A Spa should create sensations of harmony, peace, relaxation, and balance, as well as exclusivity, sobriety, and luxury, all this is achieved through design and decoration.

  1. It is vital to consider the senses in a spa, place that by simple relation evokes environments of pleasant sensations; here the lighting, the light plays, the forms, the smells, the textures, the colors and the sounds activate the five senses of the human being.
  2. The ideal space for a spa, certainly are the natural places, in the countryside, the sea or gardens. If access to this type of location is not possible, the fact of generating oriental gardens, linear or that are adapted to its design, immediately causes a sense of tranquility and peace.
  3. Space must communicate tranquility and quiet, so that all the elements that are conjugated in it must transmit harmony, from colors, furniture, textiles, and accessories.
  4. The environment must be calm to promote relaxation and serenity, through music, light and the use of neutral colors; you achieve the feeling of isolation and total quiet in the space that requires it.
  5. The use of color allows creating environments that positively influence the mood of the people; the green color in a clear hue is a great choice as it communicates balance, blue is recommended for spaces where water is used, as it transmits relaxation, if you want to convey is joy yellow or orange can be used at the reception or the costumes, these colors should be in accordance with the identity of the brand.
  6. Furniture should be the ideal complement to all the decoration and spa design, the wood in the furniture is ideal because it generates a connection with the natural in addition to providing warmth; the comfort, softness, delicacy, and design in them are vital to reaching the point of relaxation that the client wishes.

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  7. In should use elements that evoke the natural: flowers, wood, glass, stone or sand, as these elements transmit vitality, connection with nature and peace.
  8. Light is one of the most influential players for the customer to reach a state of deep relaxation, for this reason, the use of adjustable lighting or candlelight is recommended.
  9. Smells undoubtedly create a very pleasant atmosphere and great relaxation; the aromas arouse the emotions, activate the memory through the sense of smell and allow “clean” the spirit. Through the use of aromatic candles, pebbles or diffusers you can generate these wonderful sensations.
  10. Reception should be the reflection of what the client will find internally in the spa and have an ideal space to wait if necessary.

All these aspects are relevant to unify the appearance, feelings, and sensations of how wonderful the experience in a Spa should be, accompanied obviously by the excellent attention.


5 tips for having a home spa

5 tips for having a home spa

Spas are excellent when we talk about maintaining beauty and health, however, they are also somewhat expensive and not all of us can afford it. But there is the option of making a home spa easily and completely natural. In this article, we will know 5 tips for having a home spa.


If it is very cold outside and the skin has irritated you, the best thing to do is to become the ally of the blender and mix some cold cream, aloe vera, yogurt, honey, and avocado. Apply with a makeup brush on the face and let dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse to feel more moisturized and smooth skin.


We often forget the skin of the body, paying too much attention to the face. Undoubtedly, if you go to doing a home spa will require a good body scrub before the hot bath. You should mix all the ingredients and apply them on dry skin with gentle circular movements: ideally, you use sugar as the element that removes dead cells, although you can also use coffee or coarse salt, and add oil, honey or even a little water to make the pasta.

After that, turn your shower into a sauna: open the tap with the hot water to the maximum for 20 minutes and all closed. Put some essential oil of lavender, vanilla or rosemary are de-stressing in a compress and place it on the forehead, sit under the shower and take advantage of the steam.


Having a home spa is the ideal time to restore your hair in depth. Coconut oil is ideal for women who have very curly or curly hair, but also for those with brittle hair. Apply the coconut oil and leave it to act overnight though we can put on a shower cap and get hot if we do not have much time. It gives shine and makes hair stronger, more hydrated and more beautiful.

Manicure and pedicure
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Manicure and pedicure:

In addition to cutting, filing and painting the nails, we must also give them extra care of nutrition. Blend in the cold cream blender, 2 drops of tea tree oil, 5 lavender oil, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 banana. Apply on feet and hands and put on gloves and a pair of thick socks. If it is winter you can put hands and feet on a bag of hot water to make it work better. So sit down and watch a movie and relax.


The most important thing about having a home spa is to be able to relax: not only do you have to have a beauty treatment, but also to be able to generate your own private space in which we have no obligations for a few hours and we can eliminate the accumulated stress.


The Benefits Of A Spa

A number of health spas have leaped up also providing a variety of wellness treatments. A spa is a wellness center that uses water as the basic component and source of energy, providing restorative of both body and heart. A spa can be indulging, refreshing, thoughtful, and soothing. It also can be calming, both physically and emotionally.

A spa can help you improve fitness, cleanse, commune with characteristics, and learn about diet. At spas, you can restore your inner balance and manage stress, boost feelings of relaxed atmosphere, well being and care.

Spa therapies are the services that a spa provides. The most well-known treatment in the United States and a good beginning is massage. It has been around for centuries and has a number of health advantages. Other well-known therapies include facials and system therapies like salt glows and system wraps.

Most spas have a claw beauty shop providing manicures and pedicures. Spas with professional salons provide hair cutting. Once you try the primary spa therapies, you might want to division out to different kinds of rub like Indian rub, hot rock rub or reflexology. You should discuss with your esthetician about what face solutions or body therapies would be most appropriate for your form of skin.

There are several types of spas from which you can select, according to your requirements and get handled. There are several spa therapies that include facials, aromatherapy, rubs, water bathrooms, skin peeling, body parcels, nail cutting, home pedicure, yoga exercises and relaxation and much more. Also, some spas provide therapies concentrating on a particular fitness aspect like weight-loss program or back problems or many others.

There are basically two types of a spa, one is the common hot tub or spa where water jets flow warm water in a round or square shape. The other is a small pool that moves water in a straight or rounded fashion and allows the user to go swimming in place for treatments or exercise.

What are the Greatest Bodybuilding Workouts for the Thighs and Buns?

There is an array of exercises with the purpose of to working your thighs and buns, and you can take an assortment of classes or utilize machines for this intention also. Notwithstanding the things you’re trying to accomplish with your workouts, regularity is a primary issue, and it’s valuable to sustain one sort of workout for awhile in order to provide you with a decent idea of how much value it is providing you. We’ll be discussing at some amazing bodybuilding workouts for the thighs and buns in this article.

Hindu squats are an undemanding exercise you can do anyplace and that can assist you in eliminating fat, increasing your aerobic fitness and toning your thighs and buns. In reality, it works all of your leg muscles even your calf muscles. Unlike traditional squats that use weights, this is a completely free form exercise that you do as quickly as you can. To execute Hindu squats, you easily stand in a shoulder length position and squat up and down as quickly as you are able to, exhaling while you’re going down. Try to touch the ground with your hands before coming up again. You’ll probably find this exercise surprisingly strenuous, and you may only be able to do a few at first. If you keep up with it, nevertheless, you can exert your way up to 100 or more!

For an effective, all body workout, consider trying kettle bells. Originating in Russia, kettle bells, a type of dumbbell, are designed to increase flexibility and endurance as well as strength. They come in all different weights and you can buy them at sporting supply stores or online. It may be helpful to take a class or to buy a DVD that will show you how to use them properly. Kettle bell workouts, unlike traditional weight lifting, tend to focus as much on aerobics as toning the muscles, which makes them great for burning fat and toning the body at the same time.

If you visit a gym, aside from performing cardio exercises and conceivably some classes, you should also utilize the leg machines to help shape your thighs and buns. The leg press is the foremost kind of machine for this objective, and every gym has some form of it or another. If you’re aspiring for definition in place of strength, you should concentrate on doing a higher number of repetitions in place of heavy weights.

Notwithstanding this, you can put other resistance machines to use that is aimed at the legs, like seated or lying leg curls. If you desire to tone your thighs and buns, the most optimal strategy is to do a nice assortment of exercises that pay attention to the lower body. If you’re devoted to developing firmer and more toned thighs and buns, you should be enthusiastic at doing an array of exercises and getting into a tradition of doing them more than a couple of times every week. It’s also good to do some kind of cardio workout for at least thirty minutes every day to help you lose weight. This, combined with a healthy diet will help you reach your goals. The aforementioned hints for bodybuilding fitness routines have been effectively utilizing a number of individuals, yet you need to stick with them dependable if you wish to see a result.

Furthermore, you can also use some varieties of fitness equipment like Stair Stepper within your fitness training, it can help boosts your physical health and fitness much easier as well as to ensure a much healthy workout in a rapid way. As long as you keep learning, you will naturally move into other areas. What matters most is that you exercise at least a few times every week.

If you want to learn more about Home Workouts, Leonardo Vance will help you about this stuff. He will also help you lose weight and get you powerful, lean, and feel great by performing Stepper.