7 useful home remedies for belly pain in children

7 useful home remedies for belly pain in children

The pain of belly is one of the most common pains, especially in young children; everyone in their childhood has experienced episodes of this style. As it is a very common disease that has existed since always, there is a great variety of home remedies that have been passed from generation to generation. The following ones are indicated especially for children but there are some of those that babies can also benefit by introducing some modifications.

 These home remedies are described below:

  • Take a hot infusion
  • Put your child on one side
  • Give him a hot bath
  • Soup as the main course
  • Avoid very fatty foods
  • Give her a relaxing massage
  • Bicycle Exercises
  1. Take a hot infusion: It is one of the most famous home remedies for gut pain. It is because one of the most frequent causes of pain is an excess of acid in the belly. In this sense, the infusions and hot liquids will help dissipate the gases and settle the stomach. Children can take them perfectly but not yet babies.

The most famous are:

  • Chamomile: The infusion par excellence for this type of ailment. It is a plant that facilitates digestion and makes them lighter but is also anti-inflammatory, so it helps relax the muscles of the gut.
  • Mint: The main benefit of mint in our belly is to increase the segregation of bile. If we have a heavy digestion, the mint will lighten it. Another option to take mint is in the form of pills and candies, this way is usually the favorite of the little ones because the sugar covers the most intense flavor of the mint.
  • Ginger: Just like chamomile has an anti-inflammatory property, that’s why it’s an excellent alternative. To take it you can grate a slice and boil it in a small pot or teapot. The infusion will be served hot to the child.
  • Fennel: You can buy this plant in all herbalists and some markets. To relieve the pain you can take it as an infusion, boiling some leaves.
  1. Put your child on one side: As one of the main causes of belly pain is gas, ask your child to stand on his side. Although it is a very simple action, it will alleviate it because the gases in our gut will emerge and make you want to burp, in this way you will be liberated. To increase effectiveness, ask him to raise his ankles by a couple of feet, for example, by supporting them on a table or cushions. While lying down it is recommended that a cushion is tightened against the belly, but without getting hurt. The idea is to transmit heat to the gut; it will heal because the heat will relax the muscles of the area. In addition to the cushion, gauze, pads or hot towels can be used. If you do not have heating pads or cushions you just have to take a small towel and heat it in the microwave or with an iron before giving it to your child.                                                                                          In the case of babies, as they themselves cannot apply heat, we have to warm them well. Then, we have to curl them towards us to give him as much body heat as we can and to dilute the pain. In addition, they will feel reinforced and protected by our presence.
  1. Give him a hot bath: As we said before, everything hot will relieve the little one because his muscles will relax. A bath is a fun way because apart from improving it we will get the child to be distracted and forget the pain the time you are playing in the bathroom. It is better to use this option for older children, so we benefit from the playful part of the remedy.

    Chicken soup
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  2. Soup as the main course: If your child is hungry we can give him a chicken soup as an alternative to other stronger foods. The benefits of the soup are triple. It is another of the typical home remedies. Your benefit is triple. First of all, it will hydrate the child, when hot it will relax the muscles, and finally, it will provide nutrients to the body and feed it. Babies can take the soup in the form of puree making it a little thicker.
  3. Avoid very fatty foods: As it is recommended hot liquids and light meals it is mandatory not to give fast food or very fat to children when they are in this state. Soft drinks, fried foods in general and sweets can cause diarrhea. Milk is not recommended either. If the pain is very strong, opt for soft foods such as boiled rice or whole foods for a couple of days.
  4. Give her a relaxing massage: This remedy works for both children and babies. The idea is to lie on the bed and massage the entire area of the stomach and gut. The massage has to go clockwise and the hand has to go through the entire gastrointestinal tract. You can use essential oils that are warm, never cold or too hot. By massaging the area we are increasing the blood flow directly on the gut, which will speed up digestion.                  We can use peppermint oil that apart from soothing the muscles will help the segregation of bile. Finally, you can extend the massage to other areas of the body such as the hands and especially the feet. It is known that there is a connection between the different areas of the soles of the feet with other parts of the body.
  1. Bicycle Exercises: Another of the home remedies that can be used for both children and babies. Tomb your son on his back and holding him by the feet, ask him to imagine that he is pedaling a bike but vice versa, help him by guiding his feet. The idea is to provoke the movement of the intestines with these exercises, which accelerate their speed.


Surely it is not anything serious, but whenever you see that your child has a tummy pain, try to discover what the hidden causes are. It may be more serious than it seems and you may need medical help. For example, you may have taken a chemical, suffered food poisoning, or had an allergic outbreak. In these

cases, go quickly to the doctor and make sure it is not serious. It is better to make sure. Also, if it is not an emergency but the child suffers a lot, the doctor can prescribe some medication.

On the other hand, pharmacies also sell medicines without medical pre-registration that will be useful. Of course, you have to always ask the pharmacist because they will be the ones who can best advise you after the doctor. Then read well the instructions of the doses, taking into account their weight and height.

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